REVIEW: Sausage Party

I saw Sausage Party on the same day I watched The Secret Life Of Pets (#bigday, I know). I’ll be honest – even though I’d seen a trailer for Sausage Party, I still expected it to be in a similar kind of vein to TSLOP and all those other animated Disney, Pixar et al movies (think Toy Story and Minions) – funny with a twist of sass and some sort of cosy, feel-good moral included for good value.

Oh, the reality. THE REALITY. Continue reading REVIEW: Sausage Party


REVIEW: Mr Holmes, starring Ian McKellen

Sherlock Holmes is a complex creation. Continuously in TV and film adaptations, Holmes is shown as living with the ‘consequences’ of the books written by his faithful companion John Watson, mortified by their ‘happily-ever-after’ endings and presumptions, and disconcerted by media portrayals (hello, deerstalker hat).

This new film – directed by Bill Condon – shows Holmes in an entirely new light, unrecognisable from the brilliant detective who has captivated audiences for well over a century. In Mr Holmes, Sherlock is edging towards the end of his life, his brilliant memory dimmed and his inability to fully remember a case he failed to successfully solve years earlier haunting him.  Continue reading REVIEW: Mr Holmes, starring Ian McKellen


Well, kind of. Boomf (the personalised marshmallow company founded by the Duchess of Cambridge’s younger brother, James Middleton, in 2013) is looking for an intern to join its team – and has launched a competition to find the perfect candidate.

The premise of Boomf’s Art Of The Mallow contest is simple: the company will be searching for a young creative with a knack for turning the arty into the yummy. To apply, you simply need to create three original marshmallow designs, with five short-listed applicants being quizzed by a panel of experts (including founder James and company collaborator Veronica Dearly) before the overall winner is picked. Continue reading GET PAID TO MAKE MARSHMALLOWS!

REVIEW: MAN UP, starring Lake Bell and Simon Pegg

In a nutshell: Nancy and Jack go on a date by mistake, leading to a night neither of them will forget.

Man Up was great. Funny and fast-moving, it was a love-letter to the British dating scene, in all its toe-clenchingly awkward glory. Nancy – a 30-something cynic who hasn’t had a relationship in four years – inadvertently ends up being mistaken by Jack as his blind date for the night. Instead of correcting him, she plays along with it, merrily pretending to be the 24-year-old triathlete City worked his friend has set him up with. Still with me…? Continue reading REVIEW: MAN UP, starring Lake Bell and Simon Pegg

80 for 80 (to celebrate 80) – Penguin celebrates anniversary with new book collection

Move over the Little Black Dress – at the moment, it’s all about the Little Black Classic.

To mark Penguin’s 80th anniversary, the publishing house has revealed a new collection of short stories and poems by a huge range of authors.

There are 80 Little Black Classics on sale in total – and rather fantastically, they’re on sale for a mere 80p each. Eighty pence!

Continue reading 80 for 80 (to celebrate 80) – Penguin celebrates anniversary with new book collection


I am a proud crazy dog lady. I have a four-year-old Spaniel-cross named Archie, who on a daily basis I kiss, cuddle, propose marriage to, etc, etc. (He hates me.)

What do you mean, why does Archie have a raincoat…?

Anyway, one thing I am very careful with when it comes to Archie is his diet. He’s naturally slim so weight isn’t an issue; rather, I am very aware that I want him to eat the best he can, at all times. After all, he’s not a wild dog snuffling around in the – er – desert. Rather, he’s totally reliant on me to make sure he is as well-fed and happily nutritioned – totally a word – as possible. This is a role I take seriously. Much like there is a lot of ‘human’ food that’s crammed with e-numbers and preservatives, so to are there endless baddies lurking in the pet food aisle.  Continue reading PAWS FOR THOUGHT: PEANUT BUTTER DOG BISCUIT RECIPE


I haven’t coloured in since I was at school. What a disappointing thought. I remember when I was younger and used to love colouring in – I’d totally lose myself in the process of creating the perfect picture, as well as heeding the perpetual quest to Stay Within The Lines. (Or, if I was feeling wild, I’d purposefully go out of the lines. #YOLO)

Anyway… So now, as a 20-something-year-old, caught up in an endless whirlwind of life’s daily stresses and pressures and with half-a-dozen to-do lists on the go at any given time, the idea of a colouring book helping me to realign and get my focus fixed-up is rather exciting. Continue reading REVIEW + GIVEAWAY: THE MINDFULNESS COLOURING BOOK, BY EMMA FARARONS

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