Pili Trumble

This is Pili Trumble, a self-confessed ‘clean-freak’ who, when not writing and studying, enjoys snowboarding and teaching children how to sail. She was born in Barcelona, wants to visit South America, and splits her time between three of the most exciting cities in Europe. Jealous, us…?

Tell us a bit about yourself…
My name is Pilar Isobella Trumble a.k.a. Pili. I split my time at the moment between Belfast, Amsterdam and London. I’m studying History and Politics and am pursuing a career in writing. I have an unhealthy obsession with pandas and notebooks and can often be found drinking Cosmos with the girls or cheering on my favourite rugby team the Leicester Tigers.

What are your inspirations?
I am inspired 100% by my mum as she has endless supplies of ideas, support and cups of tea. More generally I am inspired by the people and situations around me. It can be on any topic just as long as it gets me thinking or invokes an emotion then its a winner.

What’s your favourite piece of work you produced?
I am very proud of my piece that won me the writer’s competition and was subsequently published in the International Student’s Network magazine The Insiders, whilst I was studying in Amsterdam. It was my first proper attempt at writing and I got such great feedback from it that it encouraged me to pursue my love of writing.

Whose your favourite ‘creative’ in your chosen field?
My favourite journalist is John Sergeant. I have such a soft spot for him. I also admire his professional ability and his way with words. I even met him once and he laughed at my jokes – definitely a highlight of my life!

Check out Pili’s online CV, visit her blog, Pilitics, and follow her on Twitter, @pilipilipili.


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