INSPIRED: Drink, Shop & Do

In the first of our regular ‘Inspired’ series, we bring you Kristie and Coralie, a.k.a. the founding ladies of London’s best-kept secret, Drink, Shop & Do. The huge success of their fantastic shop is all down to their own creativity and dedication.

Situated in the capital, Drink, Shop & Do is a pretty unique set-up. Half-cafรฉ, half-vintage-boutique and 100% original, the shop is the perfect mixture of the old and the new. Sip on a cocktail as you play Connect 4, take part in a ‘Scrabble Sunday’ session (a variety of classes and themed evenings are held each week), or munch on a slice of homemade brownie as you browse the shelves.

We chat to Kristie and Coralie about what gave them the idea for the shop, what goes in to running it and what lies in the future.

Tell us a bit about yourselves…

We’re Kristie Bishop & Coralie Sleap. We met on the first day of secondary school and have been best friends ever since. We’re both 25 and come from sleepy villages in Kent, and we’re both art graduates who were fed up with their everyday lives. We dreamed up Drink, Shop & Do on a pub bench in Balham 18 months ago, and decided to put it into action rather than just dreaming about it! Coralie was working at an art gallery in Soho, and I was working for a large alcohol company in promotion, sales & events. We started with a ‘pop-up’ shop and then went onto the real deal!

What gave you the inspiration to set up the shop?

Fed up of the Sunday-blues and dreading Monday morning’s, we thought life must be a little more rewarding than working for someone else! We decided to stop talking about it and do it whilst we had no ties (marriage/babies etc). We chose the premises in King’s Cross because it is an up-and-coming area, and as the building is an old Victorian bath house, it’s beautiful! Coralie knew the area from living there for seven years. We started with a ‘pop-up’ in December 2009 for three weekends, and then re-opened for good in August 2010.

What’s the best part of running the shop?

No matter how stressed or tired you are you never feel depressed for it because your doing everything for yourself. And buying all the beautiful vintage things, and designers work – making a living out of shopping is AMAZING!

And what’s the worst part of it?

The hours, lack of sleep, worry, stress, the constant need of self-belief after an 18 hour shift, the total lack of a social life! But it’ll all be worth it in the end.

What’s your future vision for Drink, Shop & Do?

That’s a secret – watch and see! But if you want a sneak peek: in a few weeks time we’re going to have a whole new colour-scheme and style overhaul again (we do this every 4-6 months), including lots of exciting new cocktails, milkshakes and smoothies! We also have some fun new designers products on their way to us, and lots of vintage treats!

Drink, Shop & Do can be found at 9 Caledonian Road, King’s Cross, London N1 9DX (a two-minute walk from King’s Cross Station). Visit their website to see their menus and find out what events they’re holding, and follow them on Twitter, @DrinkShopDo.


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