Nathan Ouriach

Nathan Ouriach: writer, student and self-confessed awful impressionist of Hemingway.

But what inspires him? Who are his favourite authors? And, perhaps more importantly, what is his connection to the film Kinky Boots? All will be revealed…

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I am a Stage 3 student at the University of Kent and currently studying English & American Literature with Creative Writing. I rarely say the whole title aloud. I am originally from Northampton and to be even more specific, a village called Earls Barton – known internationally as providing the location for the film Kinky Boots, but that is about it. My Dad was born in Morocco and subsequently provided me with a foreign and inaudible name. Conversely, my Mum was born in Romford. I’m sure this dichotomy of cultures has influenced me somehow.

What are your inspirations?

When approaching fiction writing, or considering how to write an article, the ordinary and the simple influence me. Specifically when writing fiction, I feel that the universal appeal of depicting the mundane rather than the melodramatic is far more rewarding for both the reader and the writer. Through exercising subtle symbolism and metaphor it becomes possible to render the most routine act with depth and meaning. Even the way a character picks up a cup can speak volumes. In terms of literary styles, this very much subscribes to the sphere of Minimalism and is something that all my creative endeavors attempt to follow.

What is your favourite piece of work that you have produced?

For my autumn module, ‘Reading and Writing Short Fiction,’ I submitted a work originally titled Looking Back at the Bed, but later changed to Patrick. This is my favorite piece of writing I have produced due to the fact it managed to fulfill all of my narrative agendas as well as being acknowledged by Creative Ink as their ‘story of the month’. The plot itself can be described in one sentence but, as discussed earlier, what the texts really means is something entirely different. I am proud of the way the story manages to explore many thematic ideas despite there effectively being just one character and only four lines of dialogue.

Who is your favourite ‘creative’ in your chosen field?

As mentioned earlier, the movement of Minimalism is something that I style my writing on. Therefore, writers such as Ernest Hemingway and Raymond Carver fill my bookshelf; For Whom the Bell Tolls and Where I’m Calling From are texts that I will always keep a copy of. Looking at more modern writers, I would also mention Simon Armitage. Armitage is someone who can write a poem about anything, regardless of its perceived insignificance and paired with his Northern slur his poems are even more enjoyable when hearing him read them aloud.

To keep up-to-date with articles written by Nathan, follow him on Twitter, @N_Ouriach and read his submission to Creative Ink here


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