Katie Rose

We’ve just read through Katie Rose‘s ‘Tell us a bit about yourself...’ for her submission to TYC and we are feeling exhausted on her behalf.

When not here, there and everywhere (dashing between – amongst other things – internships, photoshoots, Lady Gaga videoshoots and PR jobs), Katie lives in Shoreditch with her boyfriend. She loves painting (although hasn’t done it for a while) and describes herself as ‘an all-round creative person’.

Katie is addicted to the Internet – ‘I can never switch off, which is something I definitely need to work on,’ she says. Naturally, she is a Twit-aholic, and she enjoys spending her spare time reading magazines and going to the cinema. Her boyfriend is the movie buff of the two of them – ‘our DVD collection is even more immense than my magazine library,’ she says. Read on and find out more…

Tell us a bit about yourself…

Since graduating last summer (with a BA in Language and Culture from UCL) I’ve been crazy busy. I’m the kind of person who needs stress to function so if I’m ever not flat-out-exhausted busy I start getting nervous.

I studied German and Spanish at university so I had a year out in Berlin 2008/2009. It was when I was in Berlin that I really had time to think about what I wanted to do after uni and I realised that that was fashion journalism.  I’d already interned at The Sunday Times three times and had done the odd bit of writing for places like supersweet.org but it really hit me in Berlin that I needed to pull my socks up.  So I organised an internship around my studies in Berlin at Modabot, an online fashion news service, and there I got to write features in German (which was great for my language skills as well as my writing skills!) and I’ve been writing for them ever since.  I got to go to Berlin Fashion Week in July 2009 which was a great experience as it’s so much more chilled than London.  And then I’ve attended London Fashion Week as UK Editor of Modabot ever since being back.  The summer after Berlin (2009) I did an internship at Robinson Pfeffer (a boutique PR business which was really great experience).  In my final year I did more internships at Tatler (where I ended up in beauty) and Fabulous (News of the World) where I got my first experience of photo shoots. Aside from that I write for Twin, BlowONLINE, 1883 and I also contribute a weekly blog for Girl Meets Dress, a designer dress rental business.

Right after my internship at Fabulous (summer 2010) I got a call from a friend who said she knew someone who was looking for an assistant for a day’s work at Pure (in case you don’t know, Pure is a huge tradeshow which takes place every season at Olympia).  So I ended up doing that and I got on instantly with the designer, Donna.  While I was helping her showcase her brand The Shirt Company at Pure she told me her assistant had just left (to go work at Disney!) so she needed a new assistant to help out a couple of days a week and because of my background with PR she basically asked me to take over that side of the business. I’ve been working for her as a consultant ever since.

I’ve also just recently started assisting Anna Trevelyan and Nicola Formichetti on an ad hoc basis – I helped prep for Lady Gaga’s new video and tomorrow I’m going on a Mac shoot with Nicola, which will be great as I’ve not met him yet (though I’ve been working in his flat!)  And I’ve also just started assisting Sasha Wilkins aka LibertyLondonGirl.  I emailed her for advice a few weeks ago and we had a meeting.  She said that my email really struck a chord so she’s sort of taken me under her wing, which has been amazing – not only is she lovely and bursting with great advice for getting on in the industry, she also believes in me and is willing to recommend me to her friends.

What inspires you?

What inspires me is a hard one – writing is just what comes naturally to me. and I don’t feel right if I’m not working, though technically, the life I’m leading now, it doesn’t all always feel like work, it just feels like a lifestyle. I guess what inspires me in general is just something that’s a bit quirky. I love art, I love stunning images. I would love to take up photography but only once I’ve made my first million.. (I don’t think I could do it right if I didn’t have a good disposable income – plus I’m already jack of all trades as it is…) I just love it when something has vision. I love Angela Carter especially because of all her cross-referencing of other books, which drives me crazy but makes me so happy. I also really love mathematics which I took at A-Level, but I barely remember any of it. All I know is I was really good at the hard stuff like integrating trig but I could never do mental arithmetic. That pretty much sums me up – I can do the hard stuff but I find it hard to see and understand the basics. I like to run before I can walk (talking of which I’m setting up my own test shoot soon to see how I fair at styling).

I adore classic literature but you’re more likely to find me with my head buried in a magazine – another addiction – I had to buy a huge shelving unit to house all my magazines, which I now call my magazine library.  There’s nothing better than going down to Artwords (Rivington St or Broadway Market) and picking out a new expensive magazine.  There’s so many great ones.  I really respect the magazines like The Gentlewoman, Twin, I Love You, Ligature and Tank which are intelligent but not pretentious, and beautiful but not mainstream. It’s a hard task getting the balance right, but if you do, it’s just amazing.

What’s your favourite piece of work you have produced?

Fave piece of work…hard to say. Probably the first piece I did for Modabot because that was the first really exciting article I wrote that went online and is out there in the world for people to see. Generally, I’m also really proud to be working for Twin – they are so talented (Becky started Lula and Aimee is Junior Features Associate at Vogue so they know what they’re doing!) and it’s amazing to be on board. Ultimately I guess the things I’m most proud of though are the pieces I’ve yet to write that are currently floating around in my head…

Who is your favourite ‘creative’ in your chosen field?

I’ve been thinking lately about who I admire most in the industry and it’s so hard to narrow down. There are so many amazing people out there: Yasmin Sewell, Melanie Rickey, Mary Portas, Lulu Kennedy, Hadley Freeman, Justine Fairgrieve, Garance Dore, Jackie Dixon, Stacey Duguid and, of course, Sasha Wilkins.

Visit Katie’s website and read her blog. Help feed her Twitter addiction and Tweet her: @KatieJaneRose.


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