Maxine Johnston

This is Maxine Johnston, founding lady of yummy jewellery company Little Miss Delicious. Maxine started making jewellery when she was 13, after realising that the only way she would find nice pieces with even nicer price tags would be if she made it herself: ‘my room became so overloaded with my handmade jewellery that I decided to start selling it!’

Originally from Newcastle, Maxine moved to London in 2008 when she began studying Law at UCL. ‘I love living in London,’ she says, ‘and I especially like being able to immerse myself in so much rich culture.’ She dreams of one day living in San Fransisco, where she plans to open her own boutique.

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I’m a 20-year-old law student who began making jewellery as a creative release while doing my degree. However, Little Miss Delicious soon grew so much that I’m now going to be doing it full time summer onwards! My designs come from my love of all things cute and tasty, creating little yummy characters based on all my favourite foods. When I’m not making jewellery, I can usually be found sipping hot chocolate and watching Disney films to relax!

What are your inspirations?

I find inspirations from everything! I’m obsessed with notebooks, so I always try to carry one with me and jot down all the random ideas I have no matter where I am. I have lots of huge plans for my company, including a cute t-shirt range and eventually my own shop so right now I’m at the point where I constantly have ideas whizzing around my head and if I didn’t write them down I worry I’d forget the best ones.

What’s your favourite piece of work you produced?

So much of myself goes into every piece I make, from the initial stage of designing the product right through to crafting then painting the item, that I don’t think I could pick a favourite! However, my favourite experience that’s come from being a jewellery designer has to be doing my first trade show in early February. It was great to meet so many inspiring people and exhibiting at a show with companies that I’ve admired long before I even owned a paint brush.

Who is your favourite ‘creative’ in your chosen field?

I love every design Tatty Divine produces, and knowing they reached success so early makes them even more of an inspirational company. I hope one day to be at they level they are now!

To have a look at Maxine’s jewellery, visit Little Miss Delicious. Read her blog and Tweet her: @Delicious_Shop.

All images © Maxine Johnston. To view the images in clearer detail, click on them.


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