Milly Sampson

This is Milly Sampson, blogger by day and cheerleader by night (or possibly vice versa? Or a mix of the two? Either way, it sounds pretty superhero-ish). Milly collects coffee table books (her current favourite is The Selby), as well as postcards from bars dotted around the cities she visits, and she has a bit of a thing for designers Matthew Williamson and Alexander McQueen

What’s Milly’s favourite thing about blogging? ‘What I love about it is the sharing of individual, unknown brands from around the world,’ she says. ‘Fashion to me is so much more about personal style than anything else.’

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I’m a nineteen-year-old blogger, student and freelance fashion writer. A London Fashion Week, tea and travel obsessive. I’m a literature student and find F. Scott Fitzgerald divine, along with Kerouac, Hunter. S. Thompson and Hemingway. I’ve done a fair amount of work experience both in PR and writing, including a stint at Company magazine last summer. I write for a wide variety of both online and printed magazines, and at the end of the day… I want to travel the world whilst writing about all that I find, fashionable thoughts on the places I visit, and collecting trinkets for my ultimate house.

What are your inspirations?

Inspirations are primarily other blogs – my friend Audrey’s ‘’ and by Olivia Lopez. Otherwise primarily travelling, little quirky shops and interior design seem to inflict their personality upon my writing and style choices. The written word is one of my favourite things and along with beautiful music I could sit and write alone for hours.

What’s your favourite piece of work you have produced?

My favourite work is often a blog post I feel really proud of – it must have clear, interesting content and perfect images. Otherwise my coverage of London Fashion Week is a favourite because I pack so much in from shows and trend coverage, to backstage interviews and new brands.

Who is your favourite ‘creative’ in your chosen field?

My favourite ‘creative’ is most likely one of the aforementioned bloggers if we’re specifically speaking of the blogosphere. In terms of fashion writing on a wider scale I really look up to my mentor Oonagh Brennan from my time at Company Magazine. To consider writing on a whole Fitzgerald will always be my absolute favourite literary writer, no one can beat his word composition or the feeling he implicates upon me.

Browse Milly’s blog here, have a gander at her LookBook profile and, naturally, Tweet her: @mlle_milly.


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