Calling all writers!

Are you a budding journalist who would like the opportunity to flex their writing skills?

In that case, we would like to hear from YOU.

We are currently looking for some of our lovely contribs to provide written editorial content for TYC. This can include:

  • Write-ups of parties/launches/exhibitions. By ‘parties’ we clearly don’t mean your best friend’s 21st – rather, something creatively-themed. So whether it be a book launch, a photography exhibition or a party celebrating the anniversary of a company/brand/etc. then we’d like to hear about it!
  • Features on creative subjects and current media issues
  • Reviews of films/theatre/gigs/quirky shops etc.

Please email us your ideas before you submit any finished articles to us – unfortunately we cannot guarantee that everything submitted will be used.

We are looking for people who write with:

  • flair
  • wit
  • good, clear English that will need little to no correction
  • intelligence
  • and, most importantly, a certain je ne sais quoi!

To submit an idea to us, please:

  • Email us ( ) with your idea – stating in no more than a paragraph what you propose to write about (obviously for a review you won’t need to go in to quite so much detail!) We will then get back in touch saying yay or nay to the idea.
  • When writing up, bear in mind the above bullet-points re: writing style. We are looking for around 500-750 words per submission
  • Please also provide 2 or 3 photographs.

We look forward to hearing from you all soon!


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