Holly Trill

Meet the lovely Holly Trill, a freelance illustrator who graduated from Middlesex University last year with a First Class degree in Illustration (her dissertation was called The Past, Present and Future of Self-Publishing).

Holly’s dream is to own a shop. ‘It would sell vintage furniture that I have upholstered with my own illustrated fabrics, plus a selection of handprinted wallpapers,’ she says wistfully. Whilst that’s something to look forward to in the future, what are you up to now Holly, other than illustration? ‘Well, prior to answering your questions I baked some cranberry and pecan scones…’ Yum.

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I graduated in 2010, and since then have been working as a freelance illustrator for clients such as BBC Magazines, Amelia’s Magazine, Redwood Publishing and design agencies Bluw-i and Digit. My work appears in Alphabets: A Miscellany of Letters by David Sacks and two of my illustrations are due to feature in the ‘New Talent’ section of the AOI’s ‘Images 35’, which is due to be published later this year.

When I am not working on commissioned projects, I like to create my own things, which I sell in my Etsy shop. I like to ‘make’, and like seeing my ideas develop into real objects is something I love to be a part of. I am currently working on a line of giftwrap, which I am enjoying very much.

What are your inspirations?

My inspiration comes from a variety of sources: imagery, sights and objects, as well as in a vaguer sense – I feel inspired to ‘create’ when I’ve been to a particularly good exhibition or zine and craft fairs that embrace DIY culture.

What’s your favourite piece of work you produced?

It changes really with each piece I create. A firm favourite though is my beetle wallpapers, which I am serious about producing – I’ve been contacting printers and weighing up options. It’s something I’d be interested in developing now and in the future. At the moment I’m very excited about some patterns I am designing for the aforementioned giftwrap, I think these will be my current favourite pieces when I’ve completed them.

Who is your favourite ‘creative’ in your chosen field?

There are many illustrators whose work I like, there doesn’t seem to be a consistent theme or style, I just like a brilliantly executed piece. I like the collages of Eduardo Recife, the beautiful book covers designed by Coralie Bickford Smith and the pencil work of Anneline Carlström.

Visit Holly’s website and her blog, Holly Trill Illustration. Have a browse of her products on Etsy and say hello on Twitter: @HollyTrill.

All images © Holly Trill. To view the images in clearer detail, click on them.


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