John Thurbin

Meet illustration student John Thurbin.When he’s not creating artwork, he enjoys loud nights out and quiet nights in, watching movies with the ladyfriend’.

So, John, picture the scene: a genie appears, holding a lamp, and asks what wish you would like to have granted. What would you ask for? ‘I want to swim in a huge pool of spaghetti bolognese,’ John says. ‘Like the old lady from Patch Adams.’

Read on to find out more…

Tell us a bit about yourself…

Hey, so about me, me being John C Thurbin of course. What to know? Well I am ever so quickly approaching the end of a three-year BA Hons degree studying illustration at Middlesex University in North London. Soon I will be out in the big wide world of unemployment competing against a lot of you fellow creatives for work… A very scary, yet exciting thought.

My work has a bold yet very detailed and meticulous quality about it; up until last year my work was ridiculously detailed and I only used quill pen and ink using the finest nibs, now I have a massive nib collection ha. I wanted my work to become bolder but without loosing attention to detail so I started to experiment with linocutting and using markers: as you can see from the images on this page. I find it really interesting when people see photos of my work and ask me wether it is a print out or a drawing, I always prefer any final outcome to be hand drawn unless it doesn’t meet the brief. As well as being an obvious work a-holic I have been creating designs for a DIY clothing label I hope to set up after uni as a little side-project.

What inspires you?

My eyes seem to grab inspiration from a variety of sources such as: Architecture, grimey London backstreets, public transport (and toilets in-fact), shop fronts & fly-posters. The list is endless! But it is always good to visit exhibitions and fairs for an instant bombardment of visual inspiration.

What is your favourite piece of work you have created?

Hmm, this is a hard one.. I find it very hard to pin-point favourite pieces.. maybe I should be more vein, like my ‘John Thurbin Will Triumph’ project would suggest. Recently I have enjoyed using the method of intaglio printmaking to answer certain briefs, especially my Graphic novel based on Graham Greene’s ‘Brighton Rock’ created purely from lino-cuts. I think it would be interesting to bring my more graphical/ regimented hand-drawn pieces into this process.. maybe I’ll do that next?!  P.s. did I mention that I also like to make stop-motion animations out of my drawings?

Who is your favourite creative in your chosen field?

My favourite creative changes all the time, as I discover more illustrators and designers. A couple of creatives that I have liked for years though for many different reasons are Barbara Kruger with her photographic collages, David Foldvari with his ridiculously amazing monotypes and a friend of mine Adam Cruft, who I studied with before he graduated last year.

Read John’s blog here, and Tweet him: @JohnCThurbin.

All images © John Thurbin. To view the images in clearer detail, click on them.


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