Joshua Thorpe

Meet Joshua Thorpe, a student and film-maker; ‘I went to entirely public schools but right now I’m at Ravensbourne, a well-known educational facility for creative industries in the UK,’ he says. His hobbies include photography, jogging and the slightly more unsual Rubik’s cubing…

Here’s an unusual fact about Josh for you: ‘I once spent a whole day watching Lord of the Rings extended editions…a whole day,’ he repeats in a slightly bewildered manner…

Tell us a bit about yourself…

My name is Joshua D Thorpe (but call me JD),I’m 19 years old and I’m a Christian! I was born and raised in the South East of England.

Being dyslexic I knew an academic career wasn’t really something that would work out for me I always wanted to be involved in film in some way shape or form… That started with a desire to write, then act and finally the filming and animating itself. Since being at university I found that my real skill lies in Motion Graphics, using programs like After Effects, although I still love to pick up a camera and shoot. I’ve already started getting jobs which has been really exciting, and has led me to start “Juicy Digital” last year. Juicy Digital also makes After Effects Tutorials for everyone who wants to learn it! Check out the YouTube! I can only hope that this works out, because I love it and can’t really see me doing anything else!

What are your inspirations?

Well like a lot of artists I get inspired by art: “art inspires art” is something that I strongly believe. However if I had to choose something to get me motivated it would be watching others do great things in my field. The bonus features part on DVDs was made for people like me! I could literally watch that more than the film – this started with Lord Of The Rings Special Features: I’ve now seen it about 50 times, but you gotta do what ever it takes!

What is your favourite piece of work you have produced?

I don’t really have a favorite piece of work, being a bit of a perfectionist I always feel I can do better! But one piece I was really proud of was a Old Testament summary I worked on last year. It sums up the Old Testament in 5 steps because it can get confusing!

Who are your favourite creatives in your chosen field?

In the field of Motion Graphics you don’t often hear about individuals, but there are a lot of motion graphics houses… And a company that continues to amaze and inspire me is on called Buck. Their work is very classy and always of a great standard, now they are producing work for all the big guns in the TV world! Every time is see something by Buck it always makes me want to push my self to the next level (which is what your role models should do).

Watch Joshua’s videos here. Have a look at the Juicy Digital website, and Tweet Josh here: @JuicyVideo.


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