OUT AND ABOUT: London Fashion Week pt. 2

Emma Block has her first ever LFW experience, does a bit of celeb-spotting and gets some rather nice goodies…

This year I had the intense joy of attending London Fashion Week courtesy of Amelia’s Magazine. I turned up at Somerset House bright and early at 12:00 (well, I am a student) and met a slightly frantic Amelia Gregory with a bag full of goodies. After receiving a handful of tickets I swapped my heels for brogues, and Helen Martin and I made a frantic dash to Bernard Chandran‘s show. It was my first ever fashion show and it was amazing. Watching them online just doesn’t compare, being there is just such an experience. You can read a fantastic review of Bernard Chandran’s show by Helen Martin here and see my illustrations of his collection.

After we walked back to Somerset Hose, and had a cup of tea or two, I finally managed to get a press pass, and Helen and ventured into the press lounge. Celebrity sightings included Hilary Alexander in a fantastic fur hat, Brix of Gok’s Fashion Fix, and Prince Cassius. I also grabbed a bottle of complimentary Vitamin Water and booked myself in for a free makeover with the MAC team.

I attended my second show (Carlotta Gherzi for SADO) solo. To be honest I was proud of myself for just making it to the venue (the impressive and mysterious Free Masons Hall) on time and without getting lost. The show was fantastic; and elegant feminine wearable collection of tailored dressed, leather jackets, wool coats and ball gowns, entitled Frozen Flora. I had a front row set, which meant I had an amazing view and I have to admit to getting a bit snap happy. You can see the pictures I took, illustrations I made, and things I wrote about Carlotta Gherzi’s show in my review for Amelia’s Magazine.

Read about Frances Barrett’s experience at Aminaka Wilmont in Part 3 of our LFW series.

All photographs © Emma Block. To view the images in clearer detail, click on them.


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