REVIEW: Just Go With It

The awkward moment when you 'Just Go With It' and pretend to be your boss' ex...

Laura Reynolds Just Goes With It and enjoys what she describes as ‘the freshest rom-com to hit cinemas for a while’.

At first glance, the plot of this film makes it sound like your typical rom-com…and truth be told, it is. Cosmetic surgeon Danny (Adam Sandler) is your typical single guy, who lies to women about being married, spinning a web to entrap them with pity. But his latest conquest (played by former-swimwear model Brooklyn Decker) is ‘special’ (aren’t they always?) and having tied himself up in his lies, he enlists the help not only of his assistant and friend Katherine (Jennifer Aniston), but also of her children, Maggie and Michael.

Despite the mediocre-sounding plot, this film is different from your usual rom-com. For a start, there is something for the men as well; watching it in a packed cinema, you could hear every male (and a fair few females) gasp when Jennifer Aniston appeared on screen looking amazing in a bikini. Throw in Nick Swardson as Danny’s socially inept yet highly amusing cousin, plus a very dysfunctional non-family on a trip to Hawaii and you have some real comedy gold.

Please see our movie...please?

As happens with many films with similar plot lines, you may expect the story to become confusing and lost as the lies build up on top of each other, but Dennis Dugan succeeds in making this one easy to follow throughout, leaving viewers minds free to focus on the captivating Hawaiian scenery.

The real stars of the show however, are Bailey Madison and Griffin Gluck, who play Katherine’s kids.

The 'stars of the show'

Bailey in particular is a brilliant actress, and definitely one to watch-let’s just hope she doesn’t go the same way as Lindsay Lohan before her career has even begun. Her contrived cockney accent raises more than a few smiles from the audience, and combining this with the blackmailing genius of her on-screen younger brother, these are a pair not to be reckoned with!

This is the funniest and freshest rom-com to hit cinemas for quite a while, and definitely worth a watch – Just Go With See It!

Just Go With It is playing at all major cinemas.

Review © Laura Reynolds.


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