The Big Survey – What You Think of TYC

When we decided to hold a survey to see what you all thought of TYC, we were hardly expecting anyone to answer. But we were proved pleasantly wrong, and below are the results.

1) Have you been featured on The Young Creatives yet?

  • Yes – 57.5%
  • No – 42.3%

2) How did you find out about TYC?

  • Our relentless Twittering – 42.3%
  • Through a friend – 38.5%
  • Google – 3.8%
  • Other – 15.4% (Gorkana; Facebook)

3) What would you like to see more of on TYC?

  • Contributors – 26.9%
  • Out and About posts – 15.4%
  • Inspired posts – 38.5%
  • Other – 19.2% These suggestions were great, and have given us lots of food for thought: our favourites included events and recommendations; ‘fun themed artsy contests’; and ‘a design-centred layout’ (gulp).

4) If you haven’t got in touch with us about being featured, what has put you off?

  • You don’t feel you can quite compare to the people we have featured so far – 31.3%
  • You’re not interested – 0.0% (yippee!)
  • You don’t know how to – 12.5% (easy: send an email to and we will send you more info)
  • Other – 56.3% Reasons here included: not confident enough (we’re not scary!); portfolio of work is not yet complete; ‘I’m over 25’ (sorry!)

5) If you have been featured, how would you rate the experience?

  • It has put me in touch with like-minded people – 12.5%
  • It has drawn more interest to my work – 56.3%
  • It has made no difference – 18.8%
  • Other – 12.5% (our fave: ‘It was nice, but I haven’t gotten any feedback because of it, sadly. i think I may have gained twitter followers, though!’)

6) Who has been your favourite Inspired post so far?

  • Drink, Shop & Do – 39.1%
  • Williams Banks-Blaney – 8.7%
  • Wannabe Hacks – 17.4%
  • Caitlin Moran – 8.7%
  • None – 26.1% (ouch…!)

7) What direction would you like to see us take in the future?

  • Carry on as you are – 56.5%
  • Other – 43.5% Lots of fantastic ideas here:
  • – more focused discussions, easy to follow (the site seems a little disorganised to me, but that could be down to WordPress limitations)
    – conducting event posts and contests.
    – carry on as you are but also follow up posts to see what people are up to since they were last featured?
    – opportunities for illustrators to contribute. :]
    – republish older posts. For the newer readers
    – create some quality control. establish categories for easier searching. continue as you are! its a fantastic blog.

8 ) What do you like about TYC?

  • Discovering the talent – 19.2%
  • The chance to be discovered – 50%
  • Reading the interviews – 23.1%
  • Other – 7.7% (All of the above [thanks!]; the art and photography)

9) Any other comments you would like to make?

  • Top 2: Thanks for featuring me’ (our pleasure!)
  • ‘Site is slightly confusing between who the writers are, where the posts they’ve written are, how to get around’ (we’re working on it!)

Thank you so much for taking the time to fill out the survey – it was a great way to find out what you like, and what you’d like to see on TYC.  We’re developing all the time, so expect to see some of the above implemented very, very soon!


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