OUT AND ABOUT: London Fashion Week Pt. 3

Frances Barrett pops her fashion show cherry, and what better way to do it than LFW?

Regardless of whether you can distinguish between your Mul-berries and Bur-berries, you will have probably cottoned onto the fact that the fash pack descended upon the capital last week for the most important bi-annual event in British fashion – London Fashion Week. And as a style blogger and sartorial junkie, I was lucky enough to have had my press pass application accepted and a fair few catwalk show invitations land on my doormat. So off to the big smoke I jaunted, doing the best impression of a seasoned fashionista my measley student budget could muster and armed with a trusty pair of flats tucked away in my bag. Tottering in my sky-high heels towards Somerset House with butterflies in my tummy, I couldn’t quite believe that I was about to pop my fashion week cherry. The whole experience was surreal, exhilarating and insightful.

One thing that struck me was the sheer volume of street-style photographers stalking the British Fashion Council show space like wolves hungry for their next hunk of delectably styled meat. Incidentally, it seemed that the more bizarre your get-up was, the more of a hit you’d be with the paps. Sadly I wasn’t one of the chosen few, although I’ve resolved to take this as a compliment. What does The Sartorialist know about style anyway?!

By some form of divine intervention, I managed to nab a seat on the second row of the Aminaka Wilmont show. The level of sheer excitement in the room almost made me gasp. Suddenly everyone found a spot to perch, the soundtrack kicked in and the room was illuminated with the flashes of about a hundred camera bulbs, all vying for the perfect shot as the other-worldly looking models strutted down the catwalk. It was precisely five minutes of pure magic and a dream come true for a lowly Politics student like me. But sadly the collection itself left me feeling a little cold. It honestly pains me to say it but I think they played it a little too safe this season, relying too much on the done to death shearling and boxy leather jacket trends. While I admire the tough grungy direction they’ve adopted this season, I wasn’t convinced that they managed to pull it off with this collection.

Having blagged my way onto second row at my first ever professional catwalk show, secured myself one of the freebie Mulberry tote bags, indulged in street-style-ogling galore and near-on crippled my poor unsuspecting feet tottering about on the lethal cobbles of Somerset House, I very reluctantly headed for home. Yep, it’s a hard-knock life for us fashion bloggers.

Photographs by Frances Barrett.


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