Anthony Gargasz

Meet Anthony Gargasz. This self-taught 18-year-old digital artist and designer is ‘in love with business and art’, and has spent years building up his skills to get to where he is now.

Anthony combines his design skills with his love for music. ‘Music and digital art are like two peas in a pod,’ he says. ‘In my opinion, musical inspiration is just as important as visual inspiration.’

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I’ve been using Photoshop for 7 years now, and have been experimenting with Cinema 4D for 5, in which I’ve used the benefits of each program to create a variety of photo manipulations. Throughout my career in digital art I’ve contributed to a variety of online art communities including DeviantArt, Behance, EvokeOne, and Designers Couch. I am an artist for international creative agencies Kreaville and Candy For Your Eyes. Digital art is something I picked up using Microsoft Paint, which has left me with an unstoppable passion for it.

The first time I opened up Photoshop was the best moment of my life. I began exploring the program, and well have never really stopped. The process of transforming an idea into an attractive form of communication has become an obsession to me. I’m always willing to go that extra step to get the job done. After 7 years of acquiring a unique set of skills I am now venturing into the professional world of design, consistently seeking and executing client work. I am a digital artist for creative agencies Kreaville and Candy For Your Eyes. Nothing makes me happier than doing what I love to earn a living. I’m currently constructing a revamped portfolio, so stay tuned for many big things to come!

What are your inspirations?

The impact of inspiration is one of my favorite aspects of design. When I see something that really motives me, it makes me want to motivate others as well. Motivation is key to any personal success. Just about anything out of the ordinary inspires me, from innovative product packaging to dazzling structures it all sparks little ideas in my head. What really gets the gears cranking, however, is browsing online digital collectives. Every image on those websites is a perfect example of modern art and design, and gives you a glimpse of what the future of art and design will be. Another genuine source of inspiration comes directly from the websites of some of my favorite creatives, such as Pete Harrison, Peter Jaworowski and No Pattern. They are truly “big in the game”, yet they share the same passion as I do.

The music that really gets me feeling creative is Dubstep and IDM. Those genres are truly unique, underground sounds that are simply loved or hated by the general public. Dubstep is all about low, heavy basslines, while IDM is an ethereal cacophony of noise. Both genres are very deep, generating a perfect mixture of happy and sad sounds. You can get a good taste of dubstep by listening to the sounds of Trolley Snatcha, Rusko, Caspa, Filth Collins, and Borgore. A good taste of IDM can be acquired by listening to Cex, Aphex Twin, and Earl. I’m very passionate about music, as well as working with music related clients. I designed the profile picture for the Dubstep Tunes fan page, and have even created an entire online community dedicated to Australian Dubstep & DNB: SubSource AU.

And I can’t forget the inspiration design agencies provide! Creative agencies such as The KDU, Ars Thanea, Kreaville, and Candy For Your Eyes provide excellent work that not only looks good, but provides an excellent means of visual communication as well.

What is your favourite piece of work you have created?

This would probably be my “Mona Lisa”. This piece has obtained more publicity than any of my other pieces ever have. I originally made it for an Evokeone exhibition. Then, it was featured on Deviantart as a Daily Deviation where it quickly became popular, and now has over 1,000 favorites and over 49,000 views. If that wasn’t enough, I decided to enter it into the Art+Smart 2010 scholarship competition, where it won 1st place, granting me a $15,000 scholarship. However, since I’ve decided to be creative entrepreneur and change schools I no longer have that scholarship money, but will always have the pride.

Who is your favourite ‘creative’ in your chosen field?

Shiny Binary. This guy is a BEAST. His attention to detail is inhuman, not to mention his insane 3D skills. He has an awesome variety of skills, which really makes him the ideal designer. From typography to photo manipulation he’s got it all down to a science. I discovered his work around 5 years ago while browsing through the Depthcore collective, and have been keep an eye on him ever since. I highly suggest you do the same!

Visit Anthony’s website and have a look at more of his work on his blog. Tweet him to find out more: @AnthonyGargasz.

All images © Anthony Gargasz. To view the images in clearer detail, click on them.


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