James Green

This is the lovely James Green, an artist, designer and illustrator; ‘much of my artwork is made from garbage I find,’ he says. ‘So occasionally you might find me garbage picking, looking for the next great find!’

James loves technology, and ‘everything about our developing world’. He also enjoys reading, and his favourite topics include theory, people relations, psychology and fashion. His snack of choice is trail mix and quesadillas, and whenever he gets in a ‘creative crunch’, either one does the trick. He loves plaid, sweaters and thrift stores and is a self-confessed neat freak; ‘I colour co-ordinate everything, from post-it notes to calendars!’

Read on to find out more about James’ work and what inspires him.

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I’m’ a 21-year-old artist living outside of Chicago, Illinois in the United States. I am finishing up my degree at the University of St. Francis in Illinois, with degrees in both Graphic Design and Studio Art Practices.

Much of my artwork is produced with everyday found garbage or technology. I like to create small sculptures or mini-environments with the things I find. Most of my subject manner deals with family matters, exploration of the senses, and technology. I love people and interacting with them, so I want my pieces to have a social feel to them.

My design work is influenced from my love of illustration. I have a love affair with fonts and color, and I try to incorporate them both into every design. Much of my design influence comes from the artwork I create, so each piece has a sort of homemade touch.

What are your inspirations?

James' favourite piece of work to date

I love to grab inspiration from everywhere, especially from music, old movies, books, and people watching. Sometimes I take my camera whenever I go out on a drive and stop at various spots and observe. Inspiration also comes from family, fellow creative friends, and just observing the world. When you keep an open eye and ear to everything, inspiration hits like a truck.

What is your favorite piece of work you have produced?

My favorite piece of work was for VIA [esc], an art exhibition where we took an abandoned house and made artwork out of the vacant rooms. I used found shredded paper and filled the floor and hooked up a series of colored lights throughout the room, separating the colors in the contained space. The piece was an exploration on the influence of listening to electronic music while art making. It was so much fun!

Who is your favorite ‘creative’ in your chosen field?

My favorite creative in the design field is a designer by the name of Jessi Arrington. She is designer based out of Brooklyn who is just as obsessed with color as I am! The way she uses them in her designs is very well done, while still keeping the look very clean. My favorite creative in the art field is Eric Fleischauer. He is an artist based out of Chicago who does artwork based on technology in the current world. He creates awesome narratives with simple found objects and he is great inspiration.

Read James’ blog OnTheFireFly and follow him on Twitter: @OnTheFireFly.

All images © James Green. To view the images in clearer detail, click on them.


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