Danielle Gregory

Say hello to Danielle Gregory, a London-based photographer who loves all things creative and has a passion for travel (‘I’m slowly getting through my list of places I want to go!’)

Danielle has two other big passions: eating and Facebook/Twitter stalking. ‘Doing them at the same time is even better!’ she says (alas, we are inclined to agree…)

Danielle is embarrassed to admit a penchant for watching Neighbours (hey, who doesn’t love Harold?), and sometimes works alongside her boyfriend Jo Chapman – co-founder and writer of LikeHotCakes – interviewing and photographing bands.

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I’ve always been the ‘photographer’ in the family, but I worked as a photographer/editor at RAF Cosford for some work experience in 2005, and when I left, they kindly gave me my first (broken) manual SLR. I fixed it up and since then, my mind’s been pretty set in this field.

I recently graduated from Birmingham City University with a degree in Visual Communications, practicing my skills within graphics, photography, illustration and moving image. And although I specialise in documentary photography, I am generally very creative in other fields.

As well as working full time, I’m doing odd photography jobs on the side to build up my portfolio and trying to get my foot on the ladder as a digital artist!

What are your inspirations?

Martin Parr is my main inspiration. His work is a huge influence on my style of photography and my whole outlook on documentation.

His book The Last Resort (a book based on stereotypical England) is one of my favourite photographic books, and England itself is generally a huge influence on my work; Places such as Blackpool and Manchester, that haven’t changed much since the 60’s. The shops, old fashioned B&B’s and social clubs with the same old smoke-stained wallpaper portray the normalities and traditions that the English public pride themselves in.

What is your favourite piece of work you have produced?

This Place Feeds My Brain is a book I produced in 2009 which included  images from around Europe, of everyday normalities that we take for granted. The aim of this book was to show the observers what I actually see, and not what I choose to see. To show people that stereotypically ‘ugly’ things, can in fact be beautiful.

There is an element of humour in a lot of the images in This Place Feeds My Brain, and Martin Parr and William Eggleston were the main influences when working on this project.

Who is your favourite ‘creative’ in your chosen field?

Steve Gerrard is one of the most talented photographers out there at the moment in my opinion. His wedding photography in particular is what grabbed my attention. His work is so different from your ‘average’ wedding photographers. He documents your ‘big day’ in a beautiful, honest, and sometimes humerous way. Until I saw his work, wedding photography was something I never even considered but now I love it, and Steve’s work inspires me when doing my own wedding photography

See some of Danielle’s work here, and Tweet her: @danigreglar.


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