Rebecca Higgins

This is Rebecca Higgins, a 21-year-old French and Italian student, who makes – amongst other things – jewellery, notebooks and accessories.

Rebecca likes (in no particular order): teacups, fancy dress, vintage clothes, wicker baskets and sunshine. ‘And flowers!’ she adds. She dislikes fleeces: ‘especially ones with animals on. They’re just…weird.’ We wholeheartedly agree. 

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I am currently on a year abroad in Paris as part of my course. I will be returning to university next year, then I hope to go to art college. I have ‘made things’ since I was little, although I have moved on from the cereal packets and egg boxes that were my medium of choice back then! I am a real arts and crafts geek – I have dabbled in so many different crafts, but what I do most at the moment is sewing and working with polymer clay. At uni I do lots of backstage work with the drama societies – I have costumed several shows and helped out with sets and props. I am gradually building up a brand called House of Gingerbread which is an outlet for my polymer clay work. I needed to get rid of some things! ‘Claying’ is addiction once you get started, and short of wearing them all myself, I had nothing to do with all of the things I was producing!

I did my first craft fair last year, which was a great success, and I have a Folksy shop, plus a Facebook fan page. It sells cute and quirky jewellery, accessories, notebooks and buttons. House of Gingerbread is very much a work in progress at the moment, and I am slightly in limbo, being away – but I hope to get on with it full steam ahead when I return home!

What are your inspirations?

I am inspired by so many different things – at the moment I can’t stop reading crafty blogs and watching craft videos on youtube. The Parisian architecture is beautiful, and I hope to try and incorporate some of its themes and features into my work over the summer. I am also inspired by all things English – my greatest love aside from polymer clay is teacups. I have a collection of over 30 vintage and antique ones. I am a great believer in the ‘make do and mend’ philosophy, and I love to make my own clothes. I have a beautiful white lacy dress that I made from a tablecloth! I am inspired by country pursuits and thatched cottages. I have a love of anything slightly ridiculous but adorable – like garden gnomes. I love chintzy floral patterns, although these are difficult to replicate in polymer clay!

What is your favourite piece of work you have produced?

My favourite piece of work I have ever produced is my ‘candy and cakes’ notebook. Unfortunately I no longer have it as it has been sold.

Who is your favourite ‘creative’ in your chosen field?

My biggest inspiration in the field of polymer clay is Donna Kato, who writes the most amazing books on technique, and the many other folksy sellers out there! In general, my biggest inspiration in the design world has got to be Cath Kidston.

Have a look at Rebecca’s Folksy shop and Tweet her: @fimotothemoon.

All images © Rebecca Higgins. To view the images in clearer detail, click on them.


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