Loren Danielle

Say a big hello to Loren Danielle, a blogger and English Lit graduate. ‘It’s more difficult than I thought to make yourself sound like an amazingly functional, creative and indispensable member of society,’ she said when she emailed us her answers. We think you’ve done a good job, Loren, so no fear!

Loren is fluent in Welsh, and took exams in the subject up until GCSE level (which is pretty remarkable, ‘considering writing in the English langugae is such an integral part of my life!’) Other ‘Welsher than Welsh’ facts about Loren include the following: she can play the harp up to grade 3, and practically all of her male ancestors as far as she can trace back were coal miners, including her grandad (although Loren herself is terrified of being underground. And also of fish, whilst we’re on the matter). Anything else? ‘I still don’t have a child. Or a cat.’

If you want to find out more, you know what to do…

Tell us a bit about yourself…

My name is Loren and I’m from South Wales.  I write a pop culture blog (or really just an online diary) under the moniker Tallullah Elle, which is a cheesy internet pseudonym I came up with when I was about 12 as it’s what I wanted to call my first child/cat (whichever one came first).  I have also written for several online publications and am aiming to eventually become a fully-fledged fashion journalist.  I’m having a bit of a hiatus from starting a career though as I want to travel the world first.  I was torn between saving up to do as much work experience as possible until I landed a dream job or doing some more travelling and decided to combine them both by moving abroad to teach English as a foreign language.  I’m moving to Seoul in a month’s time for a year, so my blog is probably going to become very South Korea-orientated as of then!

What are your inspirations?

I get inspired by other writers and bloggers: I think the more you read, the more your writing improves.  I’m obsessed with the pop culture of the sixties, particularly the fashion and the music, so anything that is even slightly related to this decade tends to capture my attention.  I also have always had this incongruous interest in anything related to surfing and surf culture, even though I’ve never mastered the sport myself (I’ve tried and failed miserably many a time  but haven’t hit the water with a board since me and my best friend got caught in some huge waves in Bali last April.  I almost drowned and she lost her bikini bottoms).

What is your favourite piece of work you have produced?

I wrote a post for YourCardiff’s website recently on underground style in Roath, a suburb of Cardiff.  There’s a thriving fashion scene in the area comprising of pop-up markets, charity shops and independent shops, which I really wanted to encourage others to explore as I think people too often tend to go for the ‘safe’ option of just shopping on the high-street.

There’s also a blogpost I wrote about Swedish fashion blogger Elin Kling’s design collaboration with H&M where I got an exclusive quote from esteemed fashion blogger Disneyrollergirl (who was still anonymous at the time).  She’s one of my favourite bloggers and is pretty much an industry expert on fashion blogging and social media – embarrassingly, I squealed when she emailed me back with the quote.

Who is your favourite ‘creative’ in your chosen field?

It’s strange, my blog can be superficial and little vacuous (albeit in a very tongue-and-cheek manner) because of my subject choices, but my favourite authors always write about darker side of life.  Sylvia Plath and J.D. Salinger were favourites while I was going through my teenage angst period, and I’m completely addicted to the novels of Brett Easton Ellis and Chuck Palahniuk.

I also love bloggers, for obvious reasons.  I particularly love Stevie from Discotheque Confusion.  She always manages to inject hilarity and personality into her posts, yet still manages to be a serious authority on fashion.  I discovered Karley Sciortino’s Slutever blog this weekend, and although her subject choices can make people squeamish, she might be the funniest writer I’ve ever come across and I find her work utterly compelling.

Read Loren’s blog, and have a look at some of her inspirations on her Tumblr. Tweet her: @tallullahelle.


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