Tom Wright

This is 19-year-old Tom Wright, who is currently based in West Sussex, where he is studying Illustration who takes ‘great pride in my iPod’s very random selection’.

A career in art wasn’t always what Tom had in mind for himself; ‘I would have quite happily worked with animals,’ he says (his favourite being the rhino). ‘I’ve always wanted to visit China,’ he adds. ‘Or Japan. They’re both still on my to-do list!’

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I’ve always had an interest in art but never known as such to pursue it as a career until quite recently. I love the aspect and idea of commercial art, art that can be taken as enjoyment to look at, but just as (if not more) importantly its done for a purpose. I take great enjoyment in

Not a rhino, Tom...?

various aspects of art especially that of my line work, personally going for a good mixture of detail accompanied with bold black lines, with also a new found love for digital imagery/colouring, making my work hopefully a nice combination of traditional and digital art.

What are your inspirations?

In all honesty I’m a bit of nerd… I find inspiration from anything, from comics & cartoons to video games & music, to then the many enjoyments of life like that of spending time with family & friends and travelling/seeing new places.

Some of the biggest inspirations to me are that of other artists, be it my favourite musician (quite possibly having a strange & obsessive love for Timbaland’s music), comic book line artists (such as Jim Lee and Alex Ross) to then video game designers (anything from Mario to Mass Effect).

What is your favourite piece of work you have produced?

I find it hard to pin point truly an image or singular piece of artwork that I have done as one of my favourites, possibly due to my many inspirations and the disciplines sometimes used within my work. However the likes of drawing work at a personal level, illustrating things that mean something to me, or feel I’ve always wanted to draw are always great fun to do, like that of my Nintendo’s Greatest Game Franchises piece done for a project at university.

Who is your favourite ‘creative’ in your chosen field?

Choosing someone whom is my favourite artist quite possibly is like asking me the meaning of life … in that I have no way of answering it :S As previously mentioned I’m a bit of geek, so the concept art from a game one day could have me wanting to draw out a scene from one of my favourite games, then the next day I could see a film I haven’t seen in years, making me want to draw my favourite character and so on. I will say that the one thing I think I owe my love for art for is that of cartoons… I’ve always loved them and Looney Tunes especially, growing up I can pretty much say I’ve always drawn them, finding some of my oldest drawings as a child of that of Bugs Bunny & Sylvester the Cat.

See some more of Tom’s artwork here, and read his blog. Follow him: @TomWright156.

All images Β© Tom Wright. To view the images in clearer detail, click on them.


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