INSPIRED: Cellardoor magazine

In this golden age of the Internet, e-mags are rather prevalent. But not all of them are of the same consistently high-standard, good quality and, well, prettiness, of Cellardoor, the brainchild of Jade Cooper-Collins and Amy Power.

Here, we chat to Jade and Amy about how they started up the magazine, what gave them the idea and whether it is hard to sustain an on-line magazine.

Who are Cellardoor?

We’re Jade and Amy, two great friends with a huge shared passion of creating something beautiful. We first met when on the same uni course, and have been inseparable ever since.. that and we can’t get rid of each other!

When did you found Cellardoor?

We started Cellardoor as a university project back in 2009 and had so much fun with it. We talked about putting it online but it wasn’t until we graduated that we actually got the motivation to do it.

What gave you the idea for Cellardoor?

We just created a magazine that we would want to read – as fashion journalism students we’re big magazine junkies, but we thought there was a little something missing and thought we’d fill the gap.

Was it difficult to get started? Have you ever felt like giving up?

Not really, we had a great idea and we had our university project behind us so we knew what the end product would be like. Once we started putting the feelers out on Twitter on Facebook, we had such great feedback and it just snowballed. It’s tough sometimes, especially when we have full-time jobs and have this on top, but it’s our dream so we’re not going to give up any time soon.

Why an online mag?

Two reasons really – firstly, it’s just so easy to reach everyone when you’re online. Now we have social media and blogs etc. so we can get Cellardoor out there and it’s accessible to everyone whereas in print, not many people can see what we’re about. Secondly, it’s just so much more cost effective.

What goes in to creating each issue?

A lot of hard work. The magazine is seasonal so luckily we always have a basic underlying theme. We then plan our features, find contributors to write articles, illustrate and photograph, edit all features and layout the magazine.

What other journalism experience do you have?

Other than our degrees not a lot if we’re honest. Jade’s been lucky enough to get a few internships and has done the rounds on the art desk at a variety of different publications.

What is your advice to anyone hoping to make it in online magazines?

Work hard and keep at it. It helps to have a great idea and a lot of creative people around you who are willing to offer help.

Are there plans to bring Cellardoor to paper?

Watch this space…

Keep up-to-date with the most recent issue of Cellardoor, and browse old issues, here. Also follow them on Twitter to find out about the mag and for opportunities to get involved: @CellardoorMag.


2 thoughts on “INSPIRED: Cellardoor magazine”

  1. Wow, these girls are really talented. I’ve only read the winter issue but am now going to spend the rest of the afternoon reading their back issues. Can’t believe they do all this as well a full time job… i feel lazy now! x

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