James Clifton

This is 21-year-old James Clifton, an undergraduate at Birmingham City Uni, studying Visual Communication (and specialising in digital, branding and advertising).

James has been playing the drum for around eight years; he plays in a band, and is also a keen singer as well. He’s currently gaining work experience; ‘at the minute I’m on a paid placement with Golley Slater in Birmingham for a month,’ he says, ‘and I’ve also secured – through the B-Hive competition, a two-week paid placement with my creative partner at Cogent Elliott in Coventry’. He also drives an orange – !!! – Fiat Panda… ‘And I love it!’

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I have lived in Birmingham all my life and I currently am still living with my parents in Bournville, the land of chocolate. I have a keen interest in music and all things digital and technological. I am a lifelong Aston Villa fan and I play the drums in a band with some of my mate, we aren’t gigging yet, but be prepared to see us touring near you soon!

What are your inspirations?

My favourite design group are ATTIK. The work they create always seems to astound me and aesthetically is beautiful. I don’t really have any idols; I just have the determination to do the best I can and the belief that I can achieve anything if I put my heart and soul into it.

What is your favourite piece of work you have produced?

My favourite piece that I have created is a tough one. It’s between three. One being my BBC iShare project, I really enjoyed working on that brief and building the designs for the site and the character etc. Another being the Birmingham B-Hive Award Winning project that I did with my creative partner Jessica Bramley (who is also my girlfriend) based around Birmingham being a city that has food that is “Fit for the Gods”. The idea was to create a fully integrated campaign with the gods being in the city enjoying the food etc. And finally is a piece that I did for Twycross Zoo, this piece of work uses QR Codes that can be scanned, which then give the user an interesting fact, image, or sound related to the animal, in this case a Gorilla. Out of all the projects the one that I most enjoyed working on would probably be Birmingham B-Hive, working with my girlfriend was a great experience and winning an award for the hard work we put in was a fantastic feeling! Technically and from a user point of view however, the Gorilla QR code was probably the best.

Who is your favourite ‘creative’ in your chosen field?

I don’t have a favourite designer as such, although I am very fond of the work of David Carvalho A.K.A Karpa, I love the aesthetics and the free flowing style that he has in his work. But my all time favourite design group are ATTIK. I find their work very inspirational and ground-breaking at times.

Have a look at James’ Tumblr, and view his portfolio James Clifton Design. Tweet him, too: @Cliffioo.

All images © James Clifton. To view the images in clearer detail, click on them.


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