The ACOFI Book Tour @ Tatty Devine, Brick Lane

So last night Emma Block and I made our way – via Spitalfields, Leon and an incredibly echo-y gallery – to 236 Brick Lane, a.k.a. Tatty Devine. The shop, famed for its fabulously quirky jewellery, was playing host to the final leg of Amelia Gregory‘s Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion book tour.

Some of the fab necklaces (and dresses!) in Tatty Devine

Now, eagle-eyed readers (hi, mum) will know that a few months ago we attended the launch for ACOFI, just up the road at 123 Bethnal Green Road. Whilst at the launch, I bought a copy of the super pretty and inspiring book. It really is an amazing tome, and last night Amelia explained to the assembled crowd what, exactly, gave her the inspiration for it and why social media is so key to developing your profile. She also had lots of anecdotes about the illustrators/designers in ACOFI, which gave it a wonderfully personal sense.

Were we bored whilst we waited for everyone to arrive, and the talk to begin? Er, no. I handed out business cards (I remembered them this time!), collected a few and we generally hob-nobbed with the cool and the creative. There was delicious juice courtesy of Juiceology, peppermint Lahloo tea (served in the most gorgeous vintage-y crockery), skin care from Dr. Hauschka and – perhaps most vitally to my enjoyment of the party – a HUGE supply

of the most incredible biscuits from the yummy scrummy Biscuiteers. Not only were the biscuits there to scoff (they were almost too pretty to eat, but I heroically managed to soldier on and polish off seven. Seven!), but the lovely Biscuiteers’ ladies had brought along a selection of colourful icings and decorations, so we could have a go at making our own biscuits. Whilst my true-calling may be as biscuit-eater rather than icer, it was incredibly fun to be an honorary Biscuiteer for the night.

Biscuits! As far as the eye could see...

I was also slightly amazed/mystified/blushy/etc./etc. that a lot of people who I spoke to there had heard of TYC. So if I spoke to you last night (me being the blonde with the ‘windswept’ – unbrushed – hair), say hello!

Then came Amelia’s talk, and we all stood – me, at 5’7, trying to duck down so the people behind could see – as she delivered her presentation (in order to allow as many people as possible to see her laptop screen, Amelia held/balanced it on her shoulder). She is a great presentation-giver, and her talk was made all the more animated by the fact that she is evidently so passionate about what she does. She was funny, lively and engaging, and there were two rounds of (well-deserved applause).

Emma and I (on the left) with our self-iced biscuits. Pic taken by The Biscuiteers

There was then the opportunity for Amelia to study people’s portfolios whilst guests perused, and purchased, her stack of magazines and books (all self-published). Emma, who had been asked especially by Amelia to bring her work along, spread out a selection of some of her most stunning pictures, and people ooh’d and ahh’d as she talked them through her work. Whilst this was going on, I was chatting to people – I met some lovely guys from LFC and Soni Speight a.ka. Ickelson – and admiring the shop itself (see next post for more detail).

We trotted out on to Brick Lane at around half 8 and tottered back through Spitalfields. A brilliant – and utterly delicious – night.

Buy a copy of Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion Illustration here.

Also check out Biscuiteers, Dr. Hauschka and Juiceology.


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