Where would YOU recommend?

We are looking to include more reviews of shops and cafes, such as this one of Camellias. Have you discovered a beautiful boutique recently, a quirky bar or a delicious cafe? Maybe a fabulous beauty salon or retro pub? If so, let us know! We want to compile a list of the nicest places to eat and shop in the country (and overseas, too!)

RULES (there are only two…):

  • This might sound obvious, but just to reiterate: no chains. Yes, we all love Starbucks, but it’s not that unique, is it?
  • The place must have a website that we can look at

If you would like to have your suggestion feature on the list or would like to write the review yourself, get in touch. Either…

  • Tweet us: @t_yc
  • Email us: theyoungcreatives@hotmail.co.uk
  • Leave a comment below

Or if you’re just interested in general, get in touch! We look forward to seeing your recommendations.



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