Christine Parker Gives TYC Fame (At Last!)

We were very flattered when Christine Parker contacted us asking if she could feature TYC in her degree coursework – and were very impressed by the results, as well. Here, Christine tells us a bit about what went on behind-the-scenes…

For my final major project at University, I intended to explore the promotion and support of creative talent.

After conducting interviews with local creatives and gaining insight into creative networking websites, I decided to produce a body of work that would express ways to make young creatives aware of such invaluable networking and promotion opportunities. I believe that these outlets are extremely valuable to up-and-coming creatives, as they are given the opportunity to promote their work and gain exposure. After contacting ‘The Young Creatives’, my aim was to create a hypothetical poster campaign that provided information on ‘TYC’, highlighted their diversity and promoted a sense of creative community. I have tried to capture and promote a young, fresh, creative, diverse feel within these posters.

I decided on the key elements that I felt best represented the company. These were ‘creatives’, ‘growth’, ‘promotion’, ‘community’ and ‘networking’. Initially, I began by experimenting with hand-drawn typefaces, which I drew with pencil and black fine liner pen. I really loved the look and feel of these hand produced elements, and decided that they were not only aesthetically pleasing, but appropriate for the The Young Creatives company. From the beginning I wanted a lot of the focus to be on the typography, as this is one of my main areas of interest and something that I thought would work well on large posters.

I came up with the idea of utilising a computer wire, to signify the website element, with the tagline ‘Connect to Creativity’, which is something that I featured on several of the designs. I then, on the advice of my tutor, started to look at designing a logo that would bring consistency to the posters and begin to build an easily recognizable brand for The Young Creatives.

Hopefully, the overall feel is something fun, creative and fresh and that draws attention to this fantastic website!

*modest blush from all at TYC*

We will be holding a survey soon to see which of the six designs Christine created will be used on our website as one of our logos – so keep your eyes peeled…

If you would like to contact Christine to find out more about the project, or future work, send her an email: Also follow her on Twitter: @pixiechristine.

All work © Christine Parker. To view the images in clearer detail, click on them.


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