ART COLLECTIVE: Tea and Crayons

Meet illustration collective Tea and Crayons.

Founded in October last year, the collective is the perfect way of showcasing the work of these six talented ladies who, from all over the U.K., ‘share their knowledge and creativity’ not only with each other but with their many fans too. Find out more about the collective here; meanwhile, read a bit more about each of the artists.

Rachel Clare Price

My name is Rachel Clare Price. I graduated in Multimedia Design from Northumbria University a couple of years ago now and still reside in Newcastle. I work part time in an office and divide my free time between illustration and design projects. My illustration work is often influenced by

This illustration was created initially with Ballad Of Magazine’s theme ‘Don’t forget to write’. It’s one of my personal favourites because it creates ideas and notions of nostalgia and romanticism.nature, folklore, and I find a lot of inspiration in music and fashion also. I like to create soft and dreamlike images that narrate a story.

See more of Rachel’s work here and Tweet her: @rachelclarep.

Fritha Strickland

I have always loved drawing from childhood and it always seemed the natural progression to study it at A-Level and then take my degree in Graphic Design where I focussed predominately on illustration. After graduating I have been working office jobs whilst building up my freelance portfolio. I hope to soon be working full time as a freelance illustrator and have been lucky enough to have won competitions such as the Metro competition to design an illustrated cover and have sold designs to clients such as Paperchase.

I chose this illustration as it was part of a blog project I had set myself to draw what I was wearing. I think this illustration sums up my illustrative style as well as conveying my personality quite well.

See Fritha’s blog Tiger Lilly Quinn and Tweet her: @moonbeatle.

Abby Wright

My name is Abby Wright, I have just completed my degree in Illustration at The Hull School of Art & Design and will be graduating this summer – I am currently awaiting my results. I am in the process of moving closer to London. I am hoping to spend most of my time trying to become a freelance illustrator, I know it will be hard but I’m excited for the challenge! My illustrations incorporate hand drawn line work with texture, colour and a careful combination of negative and positive space. I love working in a large format and creating fine details. The proudest moment of my career so far was being asked to illustrate my ‘ultimate Yohji’ illustration by the Victoria and Albert Museum.

The piece I have chosen is my favourite because it represents the way I love to work. It combines texture, details, negative space and I like the overall crop of the image.

Visit Abby’s website here and have a look at her blog. Tweet her: @abbyillustrator.

Kayleigh Bluck

My fave piece would be the If I Was You submission of lady in a teacup. It’s my fave because I like the idea behind it and simple yet effective translation to illustration. I’ve always had a love for art and followed it throughout school from GCSE to A-level, then onto a diploma in foundation art and design, finally ending with a first class honours degree in Illustration 2010. I now work in fashion retail and am training to be a visual merchandiser, yet work on illustration projects in whatever free time I have left.

Have a look at Kayleigh’s blog and website and Tweet her: @illustratingkay.

Natasha Thompson

I decided I wanted to pursue a professional career within Illustration after I’d completed A-Level art, I went straight into a degree wanting to keep things as fresh as possible and learn the skills of a professional illustrator. I graduated with a 2.1 in BA Hons Illustration. Shortly leaving university I was shortlisted for the Sh! Awards and invited to the award ceremony in Leeds. I’ve produced work for Cellardoor magazine, French magazine Parceque as well as working on building up my portfolio with competition work and personal projects. I have been working part time alongside doing freelance work but am currently just focussing on illustrating. I aspire to be a full time freelance illustrator but in the meantime I am looking for work as an in house designer as I would love to gain invaluable experience within the creative industry.

The reason I am including this illustration is it combines my hand drawn skills with my love for intricate collage and also depicts my feminine style well.

Visit Natasha’s website and blog, and Tweet her: @natashalikestea.

Rachel Lewis

I graduated in 2009 with a BA (Hons) in Illustration from the University of Wolverhampton; after being shortlisted for the 2009 Penguin Design Award and doing some placements in advertising and design I moved down to London where I now live and work as a graphic designer, full time, for a fashion company. I undertake freelance illustration in my spare time; it’s my ambition to become freelance full-time but in the current industry situation I know this won’t be possible yet. I’m also a freelance trend hunter and blogger and have experience working as a creative in advertising so I’m definitely an all-rounder; I don’t see my career as solely illustration even though that’s my passion; I like to diversify as everything I do feeds into my work. I’m inspired by fashion, new technology and media, ordinary people I meet and our obsession with the past; vintage, like most people, is an inspiration for me but I like to analyse why this is. A lot of my inspiration comes from analysing why things are and subverting them.

The image I have sent is my favourite because it was the design that was shortlisted for the Penguin Design Award, and I view it as key in shaping my style and the way I work; it’s a perfect example of my cross-discipline graphic design/illustration approach, and my method of combining hand-drawn imagery with digital designs.

Visit Rachel’s website and Tweet her, @rachillustrates.

All images © the respective artists. To view the images in clearer detail, click on them.


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