If you’re fortunate enough to live in – or be visiting – Chicago, then James Green recommends you visit Simone’s Bar – and here’s why.

What do you think of when you go out to a bar? What do you pay attention to first? The environment, the drinks, the crowd?

Many of these questions are answered when you take a step into Simone’s bar, a small yet well known bar, deep in the heart of the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. Pilsen is well known for it’s history and deep culture with many of the surrounding businesses in the neighborhood adopting the local culture. Simone’s is no different. Walking in, you are greeted with beautiful murals, crafted by a local tattoo and graffiti street artists. The facility is a walking found object art installation. Old bowling alley planks, pews, and carved out pinball machine’s fill out the decor of this local favorite.

While it’s not all good looks, this place delivers when it comes to food and drinks. The menu borrows from the neighborhood’s rich Mexican culture while offering great “pub grub.” Burgers are topped with guacamole and authentic chihuahua cheese, while the Pilsen Pizza forgoes traditional for beans, ground beef, and pico de gallo. When your not feeling Mexican cuisine, easily order some sweet potato fries, Reuben sandwiches, and chicken fingers. Simone’s hasn’t forgotten about it’s vegan visitors either, as they have a handful of vegan options, such as meatless burgers and a selection of salads.

If you’re feeling a little thirsty, Simone’s has you covered with an assortment of cocktails that will be sure to get your taste buds buzzing. Wine and beer is available as well, with bottled choices as well as canned for all of your $3 PBR needs.

When providing a great environment to enjoy a night on the town, Simone’s has you covered. With a current playlist of indie favorites, great late night food, and a crowd of artists, musicians, and young professionals, Simone’s is the place to be, and be seen.

Simone’s bar is located at 960 W. 18th St. Chicago, IL 60608, and is open from 11:30am-2am daily. For more information about Simone’s, visit the bar’s restaurant here.


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