Lee Mason

This is Lee Mason, a freelance graphic designer hailing from the Midlands.

When not designing, he like Formula 1 racing, and takes great pleasure in having ‘a very noisy motorbike’.

‘I was a father at 16 and now, at 23, I have three children,’ says Lee. ‘I’m training them to be design gods from the age of three!’

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I studied Graphic Design and Visual Communication at Manchester Metropolitan University for a BA Hons Degree in 2009, and specialis in Print Design and Animation, but i am increasingly adding Website designs and 3D animations to my portfolio.

My clients range from local business to high end organisations like the Clothes Show Live, Activition (including Nintendo DS), and Nu Planet Media Records. I work from home and i am happy to work with clients locally or across the other side of the globe.

What are your inspirations?

For years I have been inspired by how graphic design communicates with audiences and how it crosses language barriers.Β  a lot of my work can be seen as iconic in nature, prescriptive in how the message was communicated.

What is your favourite piece of work you have produced?

My favourite piece of work is usually the last piece I have done. If it wasn’t I don’t think i would continue being a designer. But when collating my work for promotion or archiving I always tend to look at my “UNVME” Project a little longer than the others.

This piece(s) was produced with a friend of mine called Luke Worsey when we were at University. We happened upon a empty blue screening studio for a day with store room full of broken/useless it equipment.

Without much discussion we just started creating 3d artwork with the equipment (experimenting with cable placement, the way light reacted with the broken screens, etc) until we all of a sudden stopped and though (what had we spent all morning doing?). The piece developed into a printed poster and a short experimental video about how old technology can aid new design. In a sense it was a reaction to the ever evolving technology industry and a statement of ‘hang on a minute – just because we have new machines doesn’t mean the old ones don’t have a use’.

Who is your favourite creative in your chosen field?

Right now on this day i don’t feel I have one – there are so manyΒ  around that are producing very good work that it’s hard to pick. One big mention I would make is James White. His digital illustrations are really unique and very well executed.

View Lee’s website, tumblr, Behance and Vimeo profile and also Tweet him: @Lee__Mason.


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