We want YOU!

We are very keen to create a REVIEWS section on the website.

Would you like a platform to submit reviews on the following…?

  • Film (if new, include release date; also include rating, e.g. 12, 15, 18, etc.)
  • Album (release date)
  • Books (release date)
  • DVD (release date)
  • Exhibition (when on, where, website)
  • Theatre (when on, where, website)

We want the reviews to be no longer than 300 words. Please include the relavent information as listed above, as well as stockist info for the product.

In short, we want to create a section that people will turn to in order to find a great book to read, or an amazing exhibition to visit.

We are ALSO looking for more blog-style pieces, guest posts written by you on a creative topical matter. Anything goes – top 10 pieces, debates and so on – and we are more than happy to hear your ideas!

If you would like to submit your reviews/blog ideas, please send them to theyoungcreatives@hotmail.co.uk

We are also looking to hold some brilliant competitions soon, so keep your eyes peeled…


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