The Cosmo Blog Awards, 2011

Last Wednesday evening, TYC brushed off our dancing shoes and made our way to 24 Kingly Street (just behind Carnaby Street and Hamleys) for the 2011 Cosmopolitan Blog Awards.

Held inside a nightclub, the party was very quickly in full-swing, and short-listed bloggers mingled. Cocktails were served (Cosmopolitans, naturally) were served, tasty snacks were offered (on silver platters) and stacks of impeccably iced cupcakes decorated each table.

After about an hour of networking, the awards ceremony began, and Cosmo web editor Pat McNulty read out both the winner and a highly-commended from each category. Unfortunately TYC didn’t win in our category (Student) but I was so ecstatic just to have the blog shortlisted that it didn’t really matter!

On the way home, I spent the journey reading some of the shortlisted blogs. They are all so amazing – seriously, check them out. What impressed me most about the sites (apart from their witty, insightful and achingly spot-on content) was their layouts. They make TYC look seriously amateur, and so I am now in the process of updating TYC into a glossy, properly laid-out website that we can all be proud of. Watch this space…


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