How to Make Jewellery

Tatty Devine have long-been renowned across the globe for their quirky jewellery, unique sense of what-looks-good and all-round playful approach to accessories. In short, we all love them.

And so, when we found ourselves with a copy of their stunning, brand new book, How to Make Jewellery, fresh from the printers, we were naturally delighted. It is, essentially, a step-by-step guide, providing easy-to-follow instructions for making your own Tatty Devine-esque pieces.

At £12.99, it’s pretty reasonably priced, and perfect Christmas present material. And total novices: you don’t even need to be a crafty connoisseur to follow the designs. Make anything and everything (quite literally: projects range from the normal (necklaces) to the quirky (jewelled headband) to the plain old WTF?! The ‘ingredients’ for each item are relatively cheap, and most of them can be found around the home. Cotton buds? A pencil? A damp tea towel? Who knew jewellery-making was so easy?

Interspersed with the how-to guides are bits of personal blurb from Tatty Devine founding ladies, Harriet Vine and Rosie Wolfenden, lending it a wonderfully intimate touch that similar books lack. It truly is fascinating to find out a bit more about how Tatty Devine became what it is today, as well as an insight into the life of a jewellery designer. And as they rather philosophically note in the opening pages: ‘We love the fact that one girl’s rubbish is another girl’s treasure.’ We couldn’t agree more.

How to Make Jewellery is available to buy from the Tatty Devine website.

Keep your eyes peeled for our Tatty Devine competition – coming up very soon!


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