Paul Crump

Meet 21-year-old Paul Crump, a graphic designer and recent graduate of the London College of Communication.

Paul is a self-confessed ‘perfectionist’ who wiles away his spare time watching Grand Designs, drinking triple-shot lattes and having long discussions about kerning. And yes, TYC did just Google ‘kerning’.

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I am a graphic designer based in London and a lover of typography and minimalism.

What are your inspirations?

I’m inspired by a lot of things. I am a fan of WW2 Nose Art and modernist architecture, but I am mainly inspired by clever ideas, something you wish you had thought of first.

What is your favourite piece of work you have produced?

I probably would say the branding I did for FinchittidaFinch. It was a project that had a short deadline, but with the restrictions I was happy with the outcome.

Who is your favourite ‘creative’ in your chosen field?

I have favorite studios, such as Glasfurd and Walker and Inhouse but I have many more too.

Visit Paul’s website and Tweet him: @Paul_Crump.

All images Β© Paul Crump. To view them in clearer detail, click on them.


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