Ashley Fauguel

This is Ashley Fauguel, an illustrator from London.

Other than drawing, Ashley loves to trawl charity shops, drink cider, dress up, take photographs (‘201397312847 photos a day…’), read and watch films that ‘pretty much everyone else hates…’

Anything else? ‘I also have a rather strange talent of making pretty people look not so nice,’ confesses Ashley, ‘which I must admit, I kind of love.’

Find out more below.

Tell us a bit about yourself…

Hello, I’m Ashley – I arrived home earlier this year from a year long traveling extravaganza and now I have reverted back to ye olde student life to study an MA in Illustration in LANDAN town.

What are your inspirations?

My work is inspired by everything – random conversations I overhear, photography, traveling, nature, music, fashion (but my work doesn’t really fit ‘fashion illustration’) and books – above all books.

What’s your favourite piece of work that you’ve produced?

My favourite piece of work changes all the time –at the moment it has to be the 20 faces A1 print we did as a small project at University just because it pushed me to draw and think about other facial expressions and emotions. Apart from that I always favour my wolve prints, no idea why!

Who is your favourite creative in your chosen field?

Again this is something that changes regularly depending on mood, but at the moment I love Camilla Engman  – the colours, mood and characters of her work is just aces.

Read Ashley’s blogs here and here, visit her shop and Tweet her: @ashleyfauguel.

All images © Ashley Fauguel. To view them in clearer detail, click on them.


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