New Year, New TYC – well, kind of

It’s reached that time when I pick up a pen, find a page in my brand new diary and make my resolutions for the upcoming new year. Sound familiar?

We asked on Twitter what YOUR resolutions for 2012 were, and received some great responses – it really looks like you’re all going to have a wonderfully creative year!

2011 has been a year of many highs for TYC, and I feel very lucky to have met such a wonderful bunch of people along the way. TYC’s goals for 2012 are pretty simple…

  • To celebrate, in suitable style, our 1st birthday on 9 January.
  • To FINALLY crack the seeming Da Vinci code and work out how to link this WordPress address to the web domain I bought TWO MONTHS AGO (embarrassing, I know…)
  • To keep promoting your great work in a variety of different ways: features, how-to guides, F.A.Q.s and so on
  • To continue approaching and interviewing more amazing people for the INSPIRED section of the site
  • To keep you up-to-date with great competitions, events and so on happening throughout the creative world

Finally, what are your plans for tonight? There’s always so much pressure to be doing something amazing on NYE, but this year, TYC is going to be relaxing at home, glass of champagne in one hand, tube of Milky Way Stars in the other. Rock ‘n’ rollll.



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