Emily Reader

Meet Emily Reader, an illustrator and textile designer studying at Brighton University, who, in her own words, is ‘very pink and sparkly’.

Things Emily ♥s: ‘thrifting, antique books, nick-nacks, deer, rose petal tea, blythe dolls, Polaroids, embroidery, craft, bows and glitter’. Lovely.

Read on to find out more about Emily and her work.

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I live in my own magic wonderland & draw pretty drawings and make crafts…

What are your inspirations?

I’m very influenced by fairytales and magical stories, and always work in an intricate dream like style using pastel colours and delicate lines. My favourites are Sleeping Beauty, Red Riding Hood, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Peter Pan and Swan Lake.

I am inspired by lots of different things, from Kawaii and Japanese culture, to ballet, the rococo movement, Sophia Coppola films and Disney films.

What is your favourite piece of work you have produced so far?

My last uni project which was based on flowers: I liked the idea of girls and animals being lost within a sort of tangled secret garden, and all my illustrations were based around this.

My other favourite piece of work so far is probably a dress I made out of a metre-and-a-bit long fine-lined drawing, which was then screen-printed onto silk.

Who is your favourite creative in your chosen field?

I have lots of favourite arty types. Sophia Coppola is probably my main inspiration, I love the controlled dreamy nature and softness of all of her films, namely The Virgin Suicides and Marie Antoinette. The photographer Tim Walker is one of my absolute favourites: I have a continual love for his older pictures and their fairytale like nature, such as the candy coloured cats and lit up dresses hanging on tress. I also love the illustrator/artist Henry Darger, his paintings are so beautiful and heart felt and full of so many details. I also really love the illustrators Belle & Boo with their charming childlike drawings.

See more of Emily’s work here, read her blog and Tweet her: @RosePetalDeer.

All images © Emily Reader. To view the images in clearer detail, click on them.

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