Writers! – get on board with Trivial Pursuits

Trivial Pursuits is, arguably, the best boardgame. A mix of art, science, sport and more, it’s impossible to play without coming away with a handful of relatively useless – but absolutely brilliant – facts.

Hence our excitement at discovering TrivialPursuits.org, a real-life version of the boardgame but with highly readable articles instead of multi-coloured plastic wedges. Yippee!

The team of writers inform, vent and explore a huge variety of topics. Recent subjects include the bother caused by having to write thank-you letters in your 20s (what does one write?), a round-up of this season’s cricket and the irritation of small talk. You never quite know what’s going to be covered next – adding a rather more exciting element that the original board game unfortunately lacked.

Even better – the Trivial Pursuits team are keen to hear – and read – what outrages, baffles and intrigues you about 21st century life. Visit trivialpursuits.org or follow them on Twitter (@TrivPursuits) to find out more.


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