Be Mine, Valentine

Love it or hate it, it’s that time of year again: V Day is looming. With Asda recently announcing that they are selling a 7p Valentine’s card, who says romance is dead?

Well, us for one. Which is why we want you – you bunch of old softies – to get in touch with your romantic side and show TYC what, or who, you love, and what love means to you.

Artists – make us fall in love with gorgeous girls, beautiful boys, broken hearts, healed hearts, cupids and so on… The canvas is your (ever-so slightly aphrodisiac) oyster.

Writers – we want love on a page. Pour out your feelings for the anonymous object of your desire, write a haiku, tell us what makes the one ‘the one’, explain why you hate V Day with a passion, embrace your inner Byron…

Photographers, chefs, actors, musicians – get in on the act too and show TYC that love really is all around.

Our favourite entry across the categories will win 1kg of Thornton’s chocolate hearts (that’s around 70 truffles), courtesy of, RRP Β£23.

Please send all entries to

The competition will close on Valentine’s Day.

And just to get you in the loving mood…


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