Farrah Kelly

Meet blogger Farrah Kelly.

Describing herself as a ‘recklessly Northern girl who’s most at home in front of Coronation Street‘, Farrah is terrible at pub quizzes and loves learning languages. She is a ‘well-meaning but not too successful’ chef and doesn’t like warm desserts.

Read on more to find out what depends on whether Farrah’s had her Cheerios…

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I drink banana milk by the gallon and I’m a professional at complaining about adverts. In between studying for my degree at the University of York and phoning my mum, I love exploring cities and forcing my friends to pose for pictures.

I’m excitable, have a laugh that could wake the dead, and hold the titles ‘Least Posh’, ‘Token Female’ and ‘Honorary Yorkshire Lass’ dear to my heart. I come in two modes; no common sense and shuffling along, or alternatively, speed walking and opinionated. Depends on whether I’ve had my Cheerios.

What are your inspirations?

I’m inspired by the poetry found in small moments of life! I surround myself with wonderful people, who each inspire me in their own way. My blog is inspired by personal experiences and opinions, and the ridiculous situations I find myself in.

What’s your favourite piece of work you have produced?

A while ago I wrote a piece called Degrees of Awkwardness. It’s my favourite for the sole reason of the reception it received. A good amount of my course-mates, and other people studying for semi-obscure degrees have told me in person how much they related with my tirade, and how funny they found it. It was a real boost to my ego to hear people were reading my work in the first place, never mind that so many people sympathised so heartedly with what I was saying! I’m also currently working on a project similar to ’50 People One Question’, which I’m pretty excited about!

Who is your favourite ‘creative’ in your chosen field?

My favourite creatives are Nick Hornby, for producing the best characterisation of characters possible; Simon Armitage and Guy Garvey, for finding poetry in the simplest moments in such different ways; Stacey-Ann Chin and Caitlin Moran, for being the most inspiring women and writers I’ve ever come across. I couldn’t possibly choose one above the others!

Read Farrah’s blog, Every Second Song, and follow her: @FarrahKelly.


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