WIN! Over an iPad’s worth of chocolate…

Luxury chocolate range Montezumas have launched a brand new range of Monkey Bars – so named after the Cockney slang for ‘500’. Each bar is bigger than an iPad and weighs in at an impressive half a kilo – which is a lot of chocolate. Yum.

There are five flavours in the range, and we have three bars of Nanny Goat – Venezuelan chocolate with salted peanuts and butterscotch – to give away.

Perfect as an alternative Easter present, the bars are also great gifts in this important Olympic/Jubilee year for Britain; the design of each bar’s wrapper incorporates both the skyline of London and various symbols of the country.

For your chance to win, simply get creative Willy Wonka style and tell us what your dream chocolate flavour would be. Bacon and egg, raspberry and nougat, peppermint and bubblegum… Let your tastebuds do the talking!

Our three favourite answers will each win a bar of Nanny Goat (named after the Cockney slang for ‘boat’).

No registration is required; simply leave a comment in the box below! Please include your email address or Twitter name so we can contact you if you win.

Monkey Bars, RRP £13.99, are part of Montezuma’s ‘Great British’ range, which also includes six traditional pudding-flavoured bars and truffles – including Spotted Dick, Treacle Tart and Apple Crumble. Visit to find out more.

Prizes cannot be posted outside of the UK. Closing date: Saturday 14 April 2012.


47 thoughts on “WIN! Over an iPad’s worth of chocolate…”

    1. my dream choc bar would have it, fresh cream, strawberries and rasberries 🙂 how cool would that be!!! fresh fruit in a chocolate 🙂

  1. Ooh gosh, my favourite chocolate would have to include peanut butter an nutella, and also banana (it might be a bit odd, but I think it is do-able!)

  2. This is the perfect op to share this flavour idea i’ve had for a while 😛 the idea is S&V crisp chocolate. I was stuffing my face one evening and somehow, probably through greed and the velocity i was wolfing it down, a piece of chocolate and a salt & vinegar crisp ended up in my mouth at the same time. As well as it being the weirdest tasting combination, it tasted so so nice too. I don’t think i’ve ever ate a piece of chocolate without slyly sneaking in a S&V crisp haha – @SkeletonLegs

  3. Fave bar would be Spanish Turrón (nougat), flaked almonds, cherries & almonds (just back from Spain, in case you didn’t guess!) 😉 @muskrat16

  4. Oooh this as my name written all over it, great giveaway, thanks
    Praline with chopped almonds and tia maria all wrapped up in dark chocolate
    @chocolateonemse on twitter
    Kare Barrett on FB

  5. My choccie would be called a dream of Cornwall: it will be a dark chocolate with the sea salt, pieces of scones, wild strawberry jam and clotted cream, to remind of all the lovely things about Cornwall.

  6. Gosh, mine would be lemon meringue filling with a orangey dark chocolate coating, perhaps with a cheeky layer of white chocolate to sweeten it. Mmmmm, scrumptious!

    twitter: louisespage 🙂

  7. it would have to be a 3 course meal in true wonka style, to start margarita pizza, followed by apple pie and custard, then chocolate mints

    @kayke_dee on twitter

  8. My dream chocolate would most certainly be a bar with 5 different flavoured chunks.
    1) White chocolate with vanilla
    2) Milk chocolate with black cherry fondant
    3) Dark chocolate with cinnamon
    4)Milk Choclate coated in Baileys Irish Cream
    & Finally a minty chocolate chunk

    Following & Tweeting @traybroth 🙂

  9. Milk chocolate with coconut and toasted almond; would be chunky choclate with a coconut style creme centre and crispy almond and coconut too. So you have crunch, creaminess, melt in your mouth and a touch of the tropical. You could go a step furhter and add some Malibu liqueur . from @OrionTara

  10. my dream chocolate bar would be white chocolate, with bits of biscuit in and lemon pieces so it tastes like lemon cheescake my favouriter dessert

  11. Mine would be milk chocolate, with different slices of mint, orange and turkish delight as they are all my favourite x

  12. Best chocolate flavour: crumbly biscuit-like bottom / milk chocolate middle / speculoos pasted on top. The winning part is when you put it in the microwave for 8 seconds and the chocolate and speculoos begin to slightly mix. Versatile.

  13. Oh wow some many things it could be – it’s probably out there somewhere (will have to google later) but right now I have a real craving for white chocolate, cherries or maybe strawberries (or should we go all out and have both!) and champagne all mixed together to make a delightful sweet treat.

    @selene1611 on twitter ❤

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