REVIEW: Pimp My Site

Pimp My Site is written to help the average person – you or me – to create a successful, engaging website with equally interesting content and thriving social media streams.

Indeed, like many D.I.Y. books, it provides a good understanding for those looking to, er, ‘pimp’ their site – whether a personal blog or more business-like site – and will be particularly invaluable to those who are unsure about how Facebook, YouTube, etc. can be used to maximise their online potential.

The one problem with Paula Wynne’s book is that it feels quite emotionless; even the introductory quote is from an anonymous, characterless source (‘the road to success is always under construction’). The layout of the book lacks any kind of vibrance – page after page of  text with the occasional black-and-white image included doesn’t exactly make it riveting. Considering how technical the content is (as you would expect, obviously), it would have been nice to inject some colour into the pages, if just to break up the text. Considering how hands-on the book’s theory is, its D.I.Y. content is not matched by its impersonal approach.

Another issue is that the content in places is rather basic. If you’ve already set up your website and are simply looking for ways to further enhance it, then you might find some of the content irrelevant, or even patronising. It is always very business focused – it’s brilliant if you’re keen to boost your website on to a more professional platform, but if you just wanted tips for personalising your blog, you will be left feeling overwhelmed.

However, for a beginner, or for someone trying to find different ways to boost their online presence, this book will be an invaluable tool. It simplifies many aspects of website design as well as the methods that can be used to increase traffic on your site, and lives up to its claim of ‘tackling jargon’ so those who struggle to understand online instructions should be able to without difficulty.

Things we learnt…

– a press release should always have a specific, obvious angle, and be quick to get to the point so as to hold the attention of the reader

– when trying to build a social media presence, it’s key to work out who your target audience are, and engage with their interests

– studying your ‘keywords’ can help you work out what brings traffic to your site

Find out more about Pimp My Site here.

Peter Byrne


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