Emily Atherton

Meet 20-year-old Emily Atherton.

Currently studying Surface Pattern and Printed Textiles Design at the Leeds College of Art, Emily is orginally from ‘a lovely place called the Wirral – surrounded by beautiful coastal views and fresh sea air!’ She is a big fan of the great outdoors: ‘I have always loved spending long, care-free days outdoors, whether it’s having a beach BBQ or walking through the woods,’ she says.

Emily’s plans for the future? ‘I like to dream about where I will be in 10 years time,’ she says. ‘Hopefully I’ll be working in my own small – but busy – studio, and loving what I do!’

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I have previously worked with paper and fabric and enjoy the hands-on experience of print-making. I recently designed a collection for Indigo fashion fabrics although I think my real passion lies in Interior design such as wallpapers and stationery design. I enjoy the slow-crafting processes of screen-printing and paper-cutting and watching my ideas develop into considered designs.

What are your inspirations?

My inspirations tend to come from anywhere and everywhere! As I mentioned, I have lived close to the coast for my whole life. I think this is one of my biggest inspirations. I love watching nature and the ever-changing outdoors. My work is based mainly around nature and studying the textures and colours however I am influenced creatively by any new project or any hands-on experience I can get stuck in to. I think when I rummage through craft centres, antique warehouses or charity shops, whatever makes me think “I could do something with this!” is my inspiration. I love finding new places to explore, whether it is outdoors or a random shop or market…

What’s your favourite piece of work you have produced?

When I worked on designing fashion fabrics for Indigo, I found myself creating pieces that were screen-printed and dyed using natural dyes. There was one particular piece (right) that I really enjoyed making but also loved the outcome as the natural dyes were so unpredictable! The piece explores the fragile lines of patterns of nature and combined some of my favourite processes. Apart from this, I don’t really think about my favourites, I just try to enjoy what I do and experiment with new methods all the time!

Who is your favourite creative in your chosen field?

There are so many Surface Pattern and Textile designers to choose from… I admire the work of Rob Ryan and his intricate paper cuts; I think creating illustrations in this way is amazing! I also love the work of a designer called Leah Duncan, her prints use beautiful colours and compositions. I also like finding new designers through blogs and features in magazines. I don’t think I could name a favourite but I think mainly print-makers inspire me to enjoy the slow process as the end product always has a certain quality!

Visit Emily’s blog and Tweet her: @atherton_emily.

All images © Emily Atherton. To view the images in clearer detail, click on them.

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