Alexandre Do

This is 23-year-old animator and film maker, Alexandre Do.

One thing Alexandre loves is cooking. “If I wasn’t working with moving images, I’d cook for a living!” he enthuses. “If I had to choose between seeing a good film and eating good food, the food would win.”

He also loves to travel, whether it be ‘a bike ride in London to release some stress’ or on a more global scale: “I’ve been to North America, parts of South America, Europe, Asia, South East Asia… I plan to try and see more of South America and the Middle East,” he adds.

Find out more below…

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I was born and raised in Paris, but also spent a part of my childhood in Bangkok and Hong Kong. As a kid I wasn’t that interested in art; my parents didn’t bring me to exhibitions and they were all but art people. But thanks to them I traveled a lot in USA, Asia and Europe and that’s probably what sort of got me into Art studies.

I got into art and design by accident. When I was 15, I applied to train as an engineer and my tutor sent an application to an art school for me – shortly after, I got in! 

After three years in art school, three years studying Graphic Design And Communication at university in Paris and now this BA at Central St Martins in London, it’s safe to say I’ve had a good bit of training. At some point I though, I started to get bored of my field and developed an interest in video, animation and film.

I think I’m more a Fine Arts person. I don’t really stick to a medium and like to experiment a lot, I actually get bored really fast once I don’t feel like I’m learning something different. To me, aesthetic and meaning is really important. I don’t care for trendy works and cool stuffs, I get really annoyed when people call my work “sickkkk”.

I’m about to work on a short film soon called Alone With Me, where I will be director of photography.

What are your inspirations?

I’m trying to see exhibitions regularly, as I enjoy contemporary art a lot: Boltanski, Koons, Delvoye and Hirst are some of my favourites. I love the diversity of their works.

I also always remember the things that I find visually interesting and try to incorporate them into my work. It’s mostly things not directly related to video: for example the video about guitar swirling paint. It’s so visually compelling – I want to do a video inspired by that!

I don’t like reading, especially narrative pieces. But I do enjoy studies and essays like Jung on archetypes and Collective Unconscious, Huxley on Mescaline or Barthes on modern myths.

What’s your favourite piece of work you produced?

They all have different flavours. I haven’t been really proud of my recent works since it was really corporate and group based, but one of my favourites right now is my Spectral Photos.

It was supposed to be a video project but we turned it into something quite Lo-Fi, using photographic paper and processing it ourselves in my room and bathtub.

Who is your favourite ‘creative’ in your chosen field?

Saam Farahmand is one of the most inspiring guys I have ever met, doing whatever he wants and never sticking to his comfort zone. After Kubrick and Mark Romanek, he’s the one. I used to love Michel Gondry’s work for his visual experimentations, but I feel like he ditched his visual identity recently.

View more of Alexandre’s work – as well as his photography – on his website.

All images © Alexandre Do. To view the designs in clearer detail, click on them.


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