Loveness Li

Loveness Li

Meet jewellery designer Loveness Li.

Loveness, who is originally from China, enjoys Chinese-style painting, as well as playing the traditional Chinese instrument, the pipa. She also loves Latin dancing, playing hockey, going for runs and many other things, too – find out more below!

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I studied a foundation course in Art and Design at Central Saint Martins and am now a Jewellery and Accessories student at Middlesex University. I grow up in a seaport city called Dalian, who’s multicultural environment had a big impact on my life, creating my fascination with western history and culture. That is the reason I choose to come to London to study my BA degree.

What are your inspirations?

The incredible experience that I have had in the UK over the last three years has been the major inspiration for my design works. You can see the elements from Chinese culture with a twist of Western style in much of my work. I enjoy working with metals and combining it with different experimental materials such as, papers, ceramics, sweets etc.

What is your favorite piece of work you have produced?

My favorite piece of work I produced is called Resolution. The inspiration of this piece was the combination of ancient Egyptian Wedjat eyes and light. The sun shines through the coloured sweets and forms colourful shadows on the body. In order to create the ancient aged look of the piece, I heated the copper until it melted to create the interesting shapes. Then using skills of Patination and enamel I added green and red colour on it. The eyes are an extension of the brain, and thus I used food colouring, chocolate, jam, and marmite to create the pattern of veins and nerves in the sweets.

Who is your favourite ‘creative’ in your chosen field?

I do jewellery design but my favourite ‘ creative’ is German and Swiss painter Paul Klee. He has been variously associated with Expressionism, Cubism, Futurism, Surrealism, and Abstraction.

Klee was very intensive with music, because of his early exposure to music as a young child. The inspiration from music gave his work lots of movements and he combined it with many different mediums—oil paint, watercolor, ink, pastel, etching, and used many other interesting materials, like canvas, burlap, muslin, linen, gauze, cardboard, metal foils, fabric, wallpaper, and newsprint. As you can see, I often create natural movements using different and unexpected materials in my pieces, as did Klee.

View Loveness’ blog here and Tweet her: @lovenesslee.

All images © Loveness Li. To view the designs in clearer detail, click on them.


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