Dominique Byron

This is illustrator (and Bakewell Tart fan) Dominique Byron.

Outside of her work, Dominique is a huge film fan. ‘I love learning about the process of making films,’ she explains, ‘so I’ll often be found watching behind-the-scenes documentaries and reading books about them!’

She loves being outside at sunset, and plans to travel more; ‘I’d love to visit America and Australia, if possible.’ We reckon they’d both offer some pretty amazing sunsets…

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I’m 22 and a soon-to-be illustration graduate from Stockport College, near Manchester. My work is quite graphic; combining digital with handmade textures. I’m always looking to learn and improve so I’m hoping to keep developing my work as time goes on.

My uni degree has been an invaluable experience for me, and I love to work with others on projects. So much so that I’ve teamed up with three other illustrators from my course to form a collective called Foursight, and we are working on publishing a zine/book to feature and promote the work of illustrators in the near future.

What are your inspirations?

I love to learn, so the more I learn and read about the subject behind a piece of work, the more inspired I am to create something visual to illustrate it. I can spend hours on the net reading and learning!

I’m a bit of a film fan, and they inspire me in many ways, not just in my work. However, on a visual level, I love sci-fi as it’s such a playground for the imagination.

Although the work of other illustrators inspires me to work harder and create better work, I wouldn’t say I look directly at others work when finding inspiration for my own. I think it makes it easier to find your own voice and not fall into the trap of copying the look and ideas of others work, which can easily happen, often subconsciously!

What is your favourite piece of work you have produced?

Hmm! I think at the moment it’s probably my most recent project, where I created a set of images based on space and underwater exploration entitled Heights and Depths. I enjoyed making them as I picked the subject matter myself and was really interested in learning about the exploration of both environments.

Who is your favourite ‘creative’ in your chosen field?

There are so many great illustrators it’s hard to choose! I love Charley Harper’s work; it’s very graphic with such great use of shape and colour. I’m a fan of Edward Hooper’s paintings also; they have such a contemporary photographic feel to them despite their age.

In terms of current illustrators, I love the work of Dan Matutina, Matthew Lyons and Graham Erwin as all their work is so strong and original.

Visit Dominique’s website and blog; Tweet her, too – @dominiquebyron.

All images © Dominique Byron. To view the designs in clearer detail, click on them.


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