Ready, set, GO! – Olympic art

Take a look at the breath-taking artwork commissioned to celebrate the Games

With London’s 2012 Olympics and Paralympics drawing ever closer, twelve of the nation’s best modern artists – including the likes of Tracey Emin, Martin Creed and Anthea Hamilton – were commissioned by London 2012 to create posters that capture the spirit and excitement surrounding the Games.

The practice of Olympic poster-commissions dates back to 1912, when Sweden commissioned ProfessorΒ Olle Hjortzberg to create this colourful design:

Below are the twelve designs that represent this year’s Games, with each encapsulating the nation’s excitement at the imminent Games. We love the use of colour and the vividly abstract depictions of national landmarks (such as Big Ben), as well as the simplistic beauty of each design.

Chris Ofili – For The Unknown Runner
Gary Hume – Capital
Sara Morris – Big Ben 2012
Anthea Hamilton – Divers
Fiona Banner – Superhuman Nude
Bob and Roberta Smith – Love
Michael Craig-Martin – GO
Bridget Riley – Rose Rose
Howard Hodgkin – Swimming
Martin Creed – Work No. 1273
Tracey Emin – Birds 2012
Rachel Whiteread – LOndOn 2O12

View the full exhibition at the Tate Britain until 23rd September. Admission is free. Click here for more info.


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