Emily Black

Meet textile designer Emily Black.

‘I was born in a lovely little town in South Wales, where I still live,’ says Emily. ‘Inspired by the beauty of the leafy countryside, my design work always has an underlying – well, truthfully, actually very obvious! – floral theme.’

Not surprisingly, perhaps, Emily loves flowers. ‘Looking at them, drawing them, photographing them, wearing them – even in my hair! My friends say that I’m a little obsessed. But it’s a healthy obsession, I promise…’

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I am a creative graduate from UWIC, where I studied Contemporary Textile Practice.

These days, I am proud to be working as an interior designer and I love to blog, tweet, paint and design. But my absolute favourite creative outlet is producing trend and mood boards. My job as an interior designer gives me amazing insight into the world of textiles and home furnishings, and I like to think that this gives my design work a commercial and professional edge, with arresting presentation being the ultimate aspiration of all my work  (although this is possibly also a little bit down to my obsession with professional presentation).

What inspires your work?

My daily inspirations come from everyday objects, particularly in nature and from the myriad organic forms that it produces. Flowers are my all time favourite and provide a never ending source of my inspiration. I spend all of my spare time absorbing designs, trends and lifestyle inspiration from a variety of blogs including the wonderful Design Sponge, Print and Pattern, A Beautiful Mess, as well as their publications and stores such as Anthropologie.

What is your favourite piece of work you have produced?

My most cherished piece of work is the hand-screen printed fabric that I designed and used to re-upholster a worn-out chair that I painfully renovated by hand and then included as a centrepiece in the final exhibition of my degree show. It has now become part of the furniture (quite literally) in my bedroom at home.

Who is your favourite ‘creative’ in your chosen field?

With so many favourites, it’s very difficult to pin down just which designer inspires me the most. Trisha Guild is one of my all-time favourite designers – her hand-painted floral patterns are fabulous – but, truthfully, I love to keep a watchful eye on just about any new collection that hits the market, whether they’re coming from established fabric and wallpaper companies or from budding young designers.

I like to take inspirational snippets from as many sources as I possibly can, in the hope that it will influence my own work and help me to take it in creative new directions. I am always in awe of Grace Bonney, founder of the blog Design Sponge, and hope one day (soon) to be writing and inspiring other burgeoning design enthusiasts just as she has inspired me.

See more of Emily’s work on her website. Have a look at her company blog and follow her on Twitter; @emilyrblack.

All images © Emily Black. To view the images in clearer detail, click on them.


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