10 ways to boost your creativity NOW!

Sometimes, it’s all too easy to feel overwhelmed, or daunted, by work, especially when it’s of a more creative nature. The thing with being ‘creative’ is that there’s no right or wrong answer, which does, in many ways, make it even harder.

But don’t feel intimidated by your work (or lack thereof). With this selection of tips, quotes and mottos, giving your creativity a turbo post is just 10 steps away…

1) Don’t get lazy.

This can be a big hurdle, especially if you’re feeling a little unmotivated. It can be tempting to stay in bed wallowing, or skulking around the house feeling sorry for yourself. But don’t. Go outside. Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in ages. Take your dog for a walk. Cook a nice dinner. In short – don’t just wallow at your desk, waiting for inspiration to come to you. Go and find it. Inspire yourself. That is a TYC order – go, now! (Well, when you’ve finished reading the rest of this…)

‘Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.’

Ralph Waldo Emerson

2) Make time for your craft.

If you’re working or studying, make sure you find a set amount of time that you can spend on your art/writing/design/etc. Don’t let it fizzle out: draw up a list of projects you want to have completed by the end of the week/month/year and make sure you can tick them all of. Easy.

3) Embrace your inner child.

Without sounding like a crazy hippy, this can be a great way of leaving you feel refreshed and inspired. Don’t work for the sake of it: rather, do it purely for pleasure. It might be hard to turn off from your work mind-set, but just give it a try. Splash paint around (on paper…), write a limerick, heck, even draw a picture of a castle. Just do something that’s FUN.

Totally irrelevant picture selected purely because it’s CUTE and vaguely arty.

4) Take a risk.

Try something that you wouldn’t usually. Whether it be using a different paint or writing in a different tense, at the very minimum, trying something different to your usual work method is a great way to flex your creativity. Plus, mixing things up stops work from becoming stagnant and, well, boring. You might surprise yourself!

‘Daring ideas are like chessmen moved forward; they may be beaten, but they may start a winning game.’


5) Talk to someone in your field.

Not in a maudlin ‘ugh, I don’t know what I’m doing’ way, but in an enthusiastic, ‘I’m so excited with my work at the moment’ way. Bounce ideas off each other; you’ll end up feeling inspired, motivated and excited by your own brilliance.

6) Makeover your work zone.

Whether it’s a desk or a corner of your bedroom, everyone’s got somewhere where they work best. Could this area use improving somehow? Yes? Do it. Paint, decorate, customise… And be super creative along the way.

The dream.

7) Brainstorm.

Give yourself time to think of all the possibilities and alternatives that any one project can produce. Assess what qualities and characteristics define your work. Decide what other qualities you’d like to bring in to future pieces; consider how this can be done.

‘One can resist the invasion of an army but one cannot resist the invasion of ideas.’

Victor Hugo

8) Immerse yourself in the latest work from your fellow creatives.

Go to a gallery. Read the latest best-seller. Pop to the shops and look at what’s in fashion. Have a browse of some blogs. See what’s new and keep your workΒ relevant. Are there any trends that your work should be reflecting? Equally, immerse yourself in something totally different and new. Mix up the above and find inspirations from other, unlikely sources.

9) Be confident in your own ideas.

You’re great. So why do you sometimes doubt yourself? Be brave and be bold. Writers, relish that fantastic ending you’ve just given your article; artists, admire the genius in your work. Simple. And if you think it’s crap, just try it anyway. What have you got to lose?

Think about it…

10) Look into doing that thing you’ve always thought about.

You know,Β that thing. Whether it be hosting an exhibition of your work, or signing up to an evening class – research it and, if you can, sign up for it before you start to doubt it. Go, go, go!

What tips do you have for boosting creativity?


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