Louise Ellis

Meet Louise Ellis, aka the Cake Lady.

‘When I’m not in the kitchen, I love to drink gin, read and travel as much as possible,’ explains Lou. ‘If I can’t get abroad, I’m happy just exploring East London where I live, finding new cafes and vintage stores.’

Other things you should know? ‘My nickname, ‘Baozi’, is Mandarin for ‘steamed bun’. I have a twin sister living in Beijing and her nickname is Jiaozi – meaning ‘dumpling’.’

‘My favourite type of cake is what I call ‘Ugly Cake’,’ says Louise. ‘Things like carrot cake or fruit-based cakes – they aren’t so pretty to look at, but they always taste the best. I tink we could learn a lot from Ugly Cake…’

Find out more below!

Tell us a bit about yourself…

My name is Lou, and I’m the Cake Lady at CakeTeaseLondon. I bake and decorate creative cakes for parties, weddings and occasions. As an illustrator, I love to make my cakes as unique and creative as possible. I love cooking and baking, playing about with new flavours and recipes.

I studied art at Kingston University and Cambridge School of Art. After completing my degree in Illustration I decided I wanted to spend my life working with food. Cake seemed like the obvious choice to me as I wanted to continue working creatively.

I’m totally obsessed with Middle Eastern cooking – I’ve just come back from a food research trip to Beirut where I picked up as many techniques as possible. I’m so obsssed with Arabic sweets and pastries I’m hoping to start working soon in a Turkish coffee shop so I can perfect my Eastern sweets- my aim in life is to be able to cook all sorts of Lebanese food authentically.

When I’m not making cakes, I’m still usually to be found in the kitchen. I love savoury baking and cooking. I’m such a food geek and I’m always embarassing my friends by photographing everything I cook. I never shut up about food!

What are your inspirations?

I’m very influenced by my interests- as an illustrator I think my creativity stems from my art background.

I love contemporary and traditional Chinese and Japanese art so recently I’ve started on some hand painted cakes that reflect that. In terms of baking, I travel a lot and when I do I like to use the flavours and techniques that I pick up on my travels in my cakes.

I’ve recently returned from the Middle East so I’m looking forward to creating some cakes with Eastern flavours- orange blossom, cardamom, that sort of thing.

What is your favourite piece of work you have produced?

The more unusual or creative, the better. My favourites are always changing but I most recently did an Alice in Wonderland-themed cake- that was fun. I also love making flower pot cakes- they’re so delicate, people don’t always realize they’re not real!

Who is your favourite ‘creative’ in your chosen field?

It’s a bit of an obvious choice – but I do love Mich Turner. Her work is so precise and perfect, and that’s what I’d love to achieve in my cakes. There are so many amazingly talented people doing what I do it makes my head spin thinking about it. There are so many people to look up to and so much to work towards.

Visit Louise’s website; ‘like’ her cakes and follow her for cake-y inspiration: @caketeaselondon.


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