The Super Transit Series

Theo Kennedy-Cordner, who we featured on the site earlier this year, is working on a very special project – if you’re a digital art fan, jump on board…

What is the Super Transit Series?

The Super Transit Series is an upcoming Paper Toy/Digital art collaboration starring some of the best new digital artists around the globe!

The release features the team working on custom-created paper subway carts plastered with their artwork, in a homage to how the graffiti greats back in the day created stunning pieces of artwork, that truly commuted around the city!

Leading up to our summer release, we’ll be creating preview carts for the public to see just what we’re capable of, such as the Gold edition cart that’s only available if you share and spread the word on Facebook! (This offer ends on Sunday 5th August 2012.)

What was the inspiration?

I originally had the idea when I was working on my BTEC course that I wanted to work on a Vinyl Toy. Being a 17-year-old student with no money to potentially ever do such a thing, that was scrapped completely.

Recently on my BA course, however, I picked up a book called We Are Papertoys, which reclaimed my faith in creating a toy, or an object that people could own – but even better, all for free! I was originally inspired as a designer by graffiti, so I immediately linked that with a paper toy we could create. The subway cart obviously sounded like a brilliant medium to work on, but I knew I couldn’t do it alone. After months of conspiring and talking to artists about my idea, I started a ‘recruiting’ spree, and we found our 10 artists – including myself – to start up the project!

Who’s involved?

For the first edition, we have nine brilliant designers who are down to create some great contributions to the series. Plus me, too!

  1. Alastair Temple: artist for The Luminarium and Evoke
  2. Anthony Gargasz: artist for Evoke, Intrinsic Nature and Nike, also guest contributor to Other Focus design blog
  3. Adam Cairns: artist for Intrinsic Nature and our resident super doodler
  4. Stephen Walker: our travelling nomad of art
  5. Luca Molnar: owner of Miss Future, a T-shirt brand as well as being featured in magazines such as Advanced Photoshop
  6. Craig Minchington: winner of Round 4 of Run Your Jewels (an art remix contest) as well as having features in Digital Arts
  7. Samuel Carter Mensaz: boasts a massive feature on Behance’s front page for his POWER tribute to Kanye West
  8. Parker Gibson: sporting features in various magazines and online, working for Intrinsic Nature
  9. Reichull Rusk: artist for Intrinsic Nature featured on several of the best pieces for the series
  10. And lastly, myself: Theo Kennedy-Cordner, the founder!

You should check us out! If you’re an avid Paper or Vinyl toy fan, a fan of digital art or just a fan of crafts in general, we’ve got a lot in store for you!

Find out more about the project here; like it on Facebook and follow it on Twitter: @SuperTransit.

If you would like to spread the word about a project you’re working on, get in touch –


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